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Michelle Sep 2018
Verse 1:
I wish I could sing
like a song bird
Beautiful thing
Uses not a word
He's not afraid
to share his song
That God has made.
Delightful of a thing
Not afraid to be heard.


Pretty song birds
Give me a tune
That can be heard
Even by the moon.
I'll sing me a tune
For the ages strewn
Return to mockingbirds.

Verse 2:
If I could sing
What a thing
using kind words
beautiful songbird
Confessing it's maker
Jesus the peacemaker
By God the orginator
Using just my words.
Hope you enjoy!
Michelle Jul 2018
Sugar is so sweet;
Oh, It's such a treat,
When it comes with wood;
Your diet pop's no good.

Constant ever craving,
That sugar never stops
People misbehaving;
Because of sugar slops.

If your kids misbehave;
Their health you need to save;
Try cutting out the cereal,
The situation is criterial.

(optional) Bridge:
Bad monster mood trouble;
Is your sugar intake double?

Constant ever craving;
That sugar never stops
People missbehaving;
Because of sugar slops.

Well, my mood is better now;
I changed my intake; Ka-Pow!
Fresh fruit tastes so much better;
Less sugar; More less than ever.
Was playing around with the rhyming scheme in a song. Sugar was the topic I went with.
Michelle Jul 2018
God your mighty to save;
On Ocean waters;
Of this life-
Despite all my wrongs;
Your still the person
You claim to be;
All your ways are right.

I've called upon Jesus name;
But I'm not stronger;
I just hunger-
For a different life.

God you say that Jesus-
and your word are light;
Help me to fight;
In a world that's forever night.

Lord, give me tender words-
Every truth;
Living proof;
That a heart can change.

Let all good change-
Be my reaction;
Dispite disatisfaction;
From a sin filled world.

I don't want be the enemy;
Can't they see;
Set me free;
I want to believe.

Let me die in your name,
All else is vain;
Help me not complain;
Wash away the stain.

Let life not be in vain-
It's time to rearrange;
I want to be yours-
Forever more.
I was trying to set it to the beat of "oceans", but oh, well.
Michelle Jun 2018
The Cunning serpent whispers,
"Indeed you shall not surely die";
As an angel of light he whispers,
But there is something; Still a lie.

All the people are still sleeping;
Yet you hear a whisper in the night;
They know nothing; still are sleeping;
A bump, a fleeting shadow, a light.

Whom are you praying to oh, pious one,
While on knees bending till the prayer is done;
Know you not that they are still not awake?
The Saints are all sleeping; Their help forsake.

When Jesus returns the dead will arise;
For he is the resurrection and the life;
His dead will awaken; at his word, arise;
To meet their lord and they that are alive,
and remain will be caught up to him in the air;
so shall they ever be with him in eternal life.
"Lest ye sorrow" by Fountainview Acadamy
See "Unmasked" by Sarah Dragnet on YouTube that is what started this poem. The original set to music is much sweeter.
Eccl 9:5 "...but the dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten."
Deut. 18:10-12
Michelle Jun 2018
They are more starved for Nature
Then one can ever fathom;
Oh, where is that secret  
Off they go in a cabin;
that they may frequent
All the noise and pollution
It melts and floats away;
Into life's little solution.

It's back to the plough of life so rough;
They like the smithy toil day after day
Their life may be starved, very tough,
Oh, to listen to the wild loon's call.
How it haunts them each day after day;
How they stomach their bitter gall?
Taking a wooden loon back to the city.
Until that cabin is reached it is a pitty.
When the wild calls; Good-bye city.
We who are born

"We who are born
In country places
Far from cities
And shifting faces,
Have a birthright
No man can sell
And a secret joy
No man can tell"
Eiluned Lewis
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