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Heartbreak Motel Oct 2016
I don't know enough word to write you a poem.
I don't know the words that can affects your heart or your soul.

All I know is,
When I think of you, the words escapes me and a blurring whirlwind seizes my spirit.

But I don't have the words to describe it.
I don't have the words to express it.
Heartbreak Motel Apr 2016
Write a song and give it my name.
Write a poem, give it my beauty.

Oh beautiful flower, full of thorns, you so smells good in spring.

Write a song and sing it..
Scream it until you lose the voice.

Soft rose, you are so pretty, but you pricked me the fingers.

Writes this poem, shout it, whisper it.
Writte it, erase it, do it all over again.

So soft and fragile but so dangerous, you touched me and got pricked.

Write me a song and gives it my name.
Not love song honey, write a song which looks like me.

The pretty flower pricked you and now you want to burn her for that.
Boy, looks at what you made.
You want to burn the most beautiful thing that you saw by pride to have found stronger than you.
Heartbreak Motel Apr 2016
I want to fall asleep on tons of roses,
That their thorns make me bleed until creating an ocean of blood.

I want my heart to become as hard as marble,
That you break your fist wanting to break it.
Heartbreak Motel Apr 2016
If you want me, honey, you have to ****** me.
Not with your words, even if you make me laugh.

If you want to ****** me, sweet baby,
You have to make me forget about the rest of the world.
Take me far away, where the sun set.
Tell me about your life, tell me your weaknesses.
To ****** me you must be vulnerable, at my mercy.

Lay down  with me, and looks at stars.
Don't say  that they shine for me, I already know that sweetheart.
Tell me your darkest secrets, your buried desires,.
Confess me your fantasies and what you want to do with me.

Show me something new, a forbidden thing, a dangerous adventure.
I will follow you, I will.
Take me to your world, all we got is this moment.

If at the end of this, I estimate to know your soul deep enough,
I would kiss you.
One chaste kiss, but full of promise.
Heartbreak Motel Apr 2016
I want to live inside a black and white TV.
Magazine and Studebaker Commander.
Country houses and housewifes.
Jewels and red wine.

Roses shall fade, as well as my beauty, but my anger is eternal.

You knows what we say about past? That it's better where it is.
I beg you, take me there. But if you can't...
As Judy Garland said,
"This is the end of romance, I'll go my way by myself, love is only a dance"
Heartbreak Motel Apr 2016
It's been one month since my last letter.
This month, I did not think of you, I really succeeded that.
Sure there is still certain things which reminds me of you, some songs, but I succeeded.

Your name leave no more that bitter taste in my mouth,
It doesn't play in repeat for hours in my head,
Your voice is a distant memory and your perfume is forgotten.
I still think of you sometimes, but it's different now, i am cured of you.

One day you will understand that I was made for you,
That I would have made you happy,
I would have give you everything of me, even  my soul.

One day you will regret,
You will think of it, vaguely, that it would have work, if you tried.
Heartbreak Motel Mar 2016
I don't want to believe in this thing that we call love anymore.
I don't want  to believe that somebody is made for me.
I want to believe in me and in my future.
I want to believe that I can destroy myself and fix myself alone.
I want to believe that I need nobody to live.

But the reality always  hit me at night.
I feel alone at midnight.
In this bed without your perfume.
I feel alone even surrounded.
I miss you in my life.

I have to erase you to move forward, forget you to grow.
You will never come back and I don't want to crawl back to you again.
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