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Zywa Sep 16
I know what's going to happen
and that's great, I don't have to
pay attention, not to
worry about anything

not about my belly, my *******
not about what I do
and what he wants me to do
It is all known

the kisses, the repetition
of caressing hands
the teasing delay
We can surrender

I like to see his face
when he doesn't know who he is
and neither I do
have thoughts about myself

when we are just driven
and see it, in each other's eyes
without secrets, only this way
is a person without secrets
– shameless
Collection “Without reserve"
Zywa Sep 1
I did love you, I

walked around in your body –

and got lost in you.
“Luister” (“Listen”, 1950, Hans Lodeizen)

Collection "Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 40s and 50s"
Zywa Jun 18
You are in doubt, yet
you ask me: shall we?

I imagine it already is
in the way, I think

it will be, with these and those
pros and cons and question marks

I close my eyes to feel it
and to know what I would answer

if you thén would ask me: shall we
now again just like then?
Collection "The Big Secret"
Robin Carretti Dec 2016
How she sipped her spot's
The rough part was the plot
The diamond's and her lip's
Got spoiled
******* by fairytale scorched
The straight line skirt and how
it raced

Her in her brown-eyed lady
His coffee the same place
So steamed her face didn't you
spot him
Bitter tone to be bad sweet
Taylor Swift pour some sugar

On Me
On U

In my singer's mouth

Southern Hospitality
"Going Gothic" south
Out Staged the bag-
Coach striped ride me the
Coffee prints heated up
her patterns Niagara falls
Wild me a seven-year inch
Hot Latte Slim and tall

I see sugar all over me
Italian cafe custom pinch
The sugar raw
He stirred harder
Robin's furry-breasted fly
creamy dark moon bolder

Big sigh roar, just sugar pour
A cat which alley City walk,
Racer's mouth Cheetah
could talk
What a ferocious love, cat flight.
Cat eye's beam @ night

He covered me, kitten gloves,
warmth gentleman
But, Strong Trump, politician,
handling, his
delegates. "Sugarly" mates
Sour lime Australian mates
They slipped, their milk on
the wrong ballot spilled

The coffee fusion
Drips and leaks Reddit
To the high beans warmly brown
mountain "Summit"
So spilled Nixon with lies 
 Water-gates how about Bill
Coffee gates
He spot's her don't sugar coat me
chill burr (Surprise)
Cheetah chasing him.

But trying so hard to erase him.
Sweet tooth Swift pour some sugar
lyric's  spooning through, Stir me up
Please milk the cow highly allergic
right now
  Silk spool of thread
"Cat's Meow"
Threadless caress nuanced
Did the cat's tongue meow

Overdose of sugar

The flag stripe's and spot's
Hanging so tightly to the carriage.
Not you're usual
Poison my sugar marriage

Smooth talker whole- bean
body notes.
Sugar stirs of states.
"Love 1/2 Grain
"Orient Express" she spoke
faster than
speeding train.
Computer crazed tiger Dad's
Sticky Carmela always latte late.
I have two I pads spotted coffee

Twin crib
Adam and Eve's rib.
My sugar scrub in the tub
Perk me up. finicky personalities
*** in the City Sugar theater.
He's the Kit and caboodle,
Earthtone candy.
He was born with sugar
right spoon,
Coffee King handy

College  Princeton NJ frat
How did  Brandy get into the mix
Brooklyn movie set this is all
about coffee fix

Howard Schultz
our friend from
Canarsie, Brooklyn
big win
He didn't come over
for coffee then?
Starbucks power suits' all stocks

A+ a good set of lungs
Robin-Carretti sings.
Read all about it!
Central Park, Carriage rider,
took her hand,
how he roared
Gave her million smiles
Coffee business,
  With one coffee cup,
one sugar cube YouTube
what luck gazillion's

— The End —