theboy May 2015

Let me be the memory
you see a glimpse of
when you sneeze.

Ah, ahh, ahhh, you

something not so sad today
Poetic T Oct 2014

Testaments wrote in language
Of old
To put hair on your chest,
"But accidents can happen"
Never sniff the jar full of mystery
Or you'll nose about it for weeks,
Upon it, styles just to hide the sight
Its growing from your nose in fact,
Do you like my
As you
And then the secrets are out,
Mischief with papers of old  
Noses shouldn't go
"Where noses shouldn't go"
Are for professionals, not those
"Nosy individuals"
Who should put things
Where they should nose they shouldn't go..

heather Oct 2013

just bored tired and uninspired
maybe i'll become a liar
pretend i'm a tire
or runaway to join a band of thieves

for now i'll stick to sucking at bottles
and hope for answers at the bottoms
breathing in the smell of autumn
and try to forget it's just rotting leaves

Mike Hauser Mar 2013

How come when it is I sneeze

I holler out " ACHOO! "

Like the people in the vicinity

Need some sort of clue

Of exactly what is going on

And what it is that they should do

Turning wide eyed in my direction

And exclaiming " God Bless You "

brooke Oct 2013

i've dedicated a
hundred poems
because you left
a sort of permanence
on my skin, have you
written about me since

(c) Brooke Otto

we all wonder if they did.
Daniel August Feb 2014

My life’s a sneeze, caught
Between fruition and these
Cyclic thoughts of ought,
Should, and “Why,
what a terrible thing am I?!”

Paul Hardwick Apr 2012

Penelope sneeze.
Then again.
Her Nose ran.
She took out a handkerchief.
Her mother had brought her.
That Christmas before.
That almost covered her nose.
Blew, filled it.
And in disgust.
Looked for tissue.
For her nose she must empty.
Penelope blew.

This is my 200 poem, cool I did not know I would enjoy writing so much.
Redshift Feb 2013

This morning
as i was washing you off my face
i realized something.

i was thinking about everything
everything we ever said to each other
every thing we've done
or haven't done
since mid-december
and i stumbled upon the startling fact
that the variable i have been allowing
to dictate my happiness for almost three solid months
is not 6'0,
2 inches tall.

that our torpid relationship
which was mostly just
(considering it was always sometime after
was just this little piece of dust
i'd gotten up my nose
that tickled for a bit.

i don't mean to be rude
but as my mother used to say
to a particularly
stubborn loose tooth
a young, wiggly thing
that was causing more pain
than it was worth:

Jvak May 2014

a tickle and a tease
a build up and release
of what I speak, of course, is a sneeze

Two buds of garlic
Ginger in tea
Can't do the trick
Can't produce poetry.

Can spare you a sneeze
I'm done with too many
When blows the breeze
When it's rainy.

Where springs the fountain
Flowing ceaseless thru nose
Once sneeze sneeze again
Don't feel so morose.

It's the day to be dumb
Better if you resign
When nose is red numb
Can't pen a one line.

Through sun and the rain
It's time tested old
Once sneeze sneeze again
Lo no remedy for cold.

Gingered tea cup
Can't kill the enemy
It's time to wrap up
Close the shop for poetry.

Tash Dec 2014

Like a mini orgasm
It surprises you
without warning
One, two, three, four
If I sneeze again
I'll surely die.

Amanda Mar 2014

He shyly looks at her.

Everything seemed to quieten to this lovely silence;
a stillness which is pierced by
steady and sure heartbeat.

By the way her nose twitches slightly and her red lips flutters a little,
she is just about to sneeze.

Ha. Adorable lady.

Bless you?

Bless those eyes that inexplicably managed to see through the
gossamer veils of good and the bad and
above all,

Bless those crimson -No, it is actually a meld of strawberry and raspberry stains. But I won't tell her that just yet.- cheeks.

Bless that lovely soul that you have, the kind that lights up your eyes and peek-a-boos in your smile.

Sweet-heart, you could never be scary anyway.

& And &
bless that smile which can flicker one on my lips.

She sneezes, blissfully oblivious to all these little words that flit around her.

"Bless you, sweets."
He whispers, like

Hi there lovely reader!
Hope you enjoy this little piece.

A gentle breeze blows
through your window
the smell of spring fills the air,
I sneeze...

I kiss the nape of your neck
and inhale
your sweet perfume,
I sneeze...

Your cat jumps up on my lap
begging to be petted,
I sneeze...

We undress and climb into bed
our naked bodies press together;
where the dog usually sleeps,
I sneeze.

You are beautiful and I want you
but I fear my dear
I am allergic to your world,

Sometimes desire just isn't enough without some form of medication.- From Poetry Jam (on Toast)
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