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Plenty of parking for people
to penatrate the park
with their paddles and packs
prepared to take prolonged trips
for picinics out of purple and pink
plaid biodegradable packets
presented perfectly perferated for pouring
packets can be used for proccessing your potent ***
for proper and pertinent disposal

Citiots are all around
all over the ground
running around
like they own this town
and the little pieces of land
they call their own
are ultimately in mother natures hand.
River rushing from left to right
with all its unstoppable might
The only stellar source for sustaining life
plants and photosynthisis
the way this life really is

The sound of water
and the link between
mother and father
The rise and fall of the moonlit tides
by the light of night the pedals shine

Digital noises penatrate the morning stillness
as the bacon and eggs sizzle behind us
Coffee and camping to connect the sexs again
back to basics and simplicity
avoid the tempation
to loose yourself in the city

Rivers loose their natural flow
****** and restricted
divided by fear and dought
The wanting of
more and better
to keep us going

We should be sitting quietly
with an innocent unknowingness
the tree sap drizzles
as the wind whistles
Tiffany the things unseen you do to me
from the first time my eyes met yours
in your grampy blue van, u had me floored
hazel eyes and a spark of life behind them
to get to know you would be a ten
it seems to me like youre nervous
and a little unsure just like me
can you see?
Im writing this poem about you
cause I dont know what else to do
I was living in a tent
cause it was just me
and I cant afford rent
I thought....
just thought it would be pretty sweet
if we got to know each other
more than just on the street
Hanging out at the cliffs
that was neat
I never jumped from that height before
I was nervous
I kinda did that for you
cause like I said before
You had me floored.
Im sitting in the sun,
soaking up all the sounds of all
the other number ones
running around
all over the ground
Tires spinning
Motors pound'n
Restlessly questless on a mission
to aquire worthless possesions
and proffessions
that educate
and fascilitate
a brainwashed race.
Polished off the filler rods
now lifes got me dreaming
soley about the silver lining
the spooning of the woman on the moon
Keep mapping the schematic, the big move
heading straight to the oil soaked cash
Ready again to make the great dash
This time I'll save my dimes
for those unavoidable hard times
I'll pile it under my matress
a secrete stash thats all mine
Work my *** to the bone
by welding up a storm
Sitting all leathered up
on my light weaver throne
To meditate and consentrate
on 13 times the suns bright
Keep the eyes focused and fixate
count to ten when the mechanics frustrate
Troubleshoot the lines of life
fix the issue then
collect the lute.
Brain root receptors taken hold
electrically charged cannadis synapsis
I smoked with jay, **** followed and road
it went so deep, straight to the core
back to when I couldnt see any more
Too many revolutions in my head
11,000 or so, with many more to go

pHARMicutIcals they ******* HARM U man
Fructose, Aspartame, Floride stain
the weather man is ******* with our brains
Just flush the **** straight down the drain

***** Leaves a resin stain
on the synapsis of the brain
Lubricated, Nurished
with no neurological pain
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