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You look better in a mirror.
A reversal of direction
They say,
Must make desperation happiness.

You look better alone.
A reversal of accompaniment
They say,                                          
Clears the boulder from one's palette.

You look better gone.
A reversal of streams
They say,
Is the end.
You said I looked like a ninja turtle
Made me laugh
You ripped out my tooth.

As I cried,
You laughed and told me to
Grow up.

If any one asks
Why my teeth are gone
I'll cough out
Your business card.
You're a giant,
I'll never see your top,
I see
Your old age
Intertwined with
I placed my
Weight on your
But you didn't shrink
You grew
Synthetic leather cupping my head
while i'm inverted by a switch.
This is getting old.
Relevant, prophetical illustrations
Scare me.
A plane before a flight
A hat before its worn.

Incoherent, waiting for a slice
For to walk, was to wear.
To leave, was to fly

Before a renaissance
All were nothing,
Swimming in a sack.

In the air, wearing a hat
Struggling with oblong baggage.
Living up to a cover
I was not supposed to meet you
Nor yesterday.
In the garden
Nor the attic
In the ocean
Nor the porch.

Seldom whispering can
Help me not.
For I am worn,
Touching the severed rope.
For I am worn,
Dripping from the twine.

I was not supposed to meet you today,
nor yesterday.
lavender rooms
can only repair
the vessel I have spilled.  

Seldom whispering
Can help me not.
For I am worn
I am forgotten.
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