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I have but a passing acquaintance
with normalcy.
Its a nod when we see each other on the streets
kind of thing.
That moment,
when the light in her eyes
becomes a fire.
You know the spot.
Where the flesh
curves downward, up
and in...
Yeah, right there.
As we age,
and with distance...
Memories become dreams
and later myths.
The infinitesimally small
becomes the infinitely big.
The Universe seamless,
like a Mobius strip.
Somewhere deep
in the chambers of my heart
is a space with your name on it,
and no one may enter
except you and I.
My lust for you is chronic,
a deep ache I cannot resist.
No ******* can express
What its like between your thighs.
The look, the feel, the smell, the taste...
Words fail me.
Here there be dragons.
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