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Keone L Friesen Dec 2013
Oh young barret of the night. Who steals from the dreams of lost sain children like Moloch. The decrypted white house was nothing but A sanctuary for degenerates. the man… MAD… MAD was the man MAD, was the house, MAD were the claimers, MAD were the slaves to the slick but king of so called glam MAD was the man MAD MAD MAD.
           The barret was entering the house, leaving behind all. what has become of my young love asks me? he enters. MAD was he who entered the trap, MAD was he who allowed, MAD was who gave no warning of the moloch sacrifice being made to the two of his so called servants. MAD was all i say MAD MAD MAD, MAD was he who wanted to be hailed like Fernand, MAD was he who wanted to be king like Henry the 8th, MAD was he who wanted to use like Baron Neuvillette, MAD was he who wanted doll oh doll how can you do this.
          Oh ADONAL for if you do exist why have you allowed this, oh ADONAL for if you exist why have you for seen this, oh ADONAl for if you exist why have you told of my eternity. Oh ADONAL why? are you mad? for the people shall not say oh ADONAL well this blow over as fast as Holly or as fast of yourself.
        he who does as told, he who does what he thinks right for his so called gift. MAD for the betrayal of trust between the packed, MAD was he for the lack of word, Like a mute oh ADONAL like a mute he was! MAD was he who acted like Bromdens father, MAD .
      MAD MAD MAD MAD MAD is I for the envolvment of my cellar of time, MAD is I for what i have started and what have become of my creations, MAD is I for all, MAD is I for you, for she, for he, for *****, all mad, MAD is I for maybe i is mad.
                                                            ­                      written by Keone L Friesian. copyright to Keone Friesian
Mrs Robota Jan 2019
Got Tupac in my ear
Singing “I ain’t mad at cha”
And I feel it
Cause it was my fault
I ****** up again
but all I can do is beg

Please don’t be mad at me
I ain't mad at cha
Please don’t be mad at me
I ain't mad at cha
Please don’t be mad at me
I ain't mad at cha
Please don’t be mad at me

Yeah I know you're tired of hearing it
The excuses and sorry's
But it's all I have
and all I can do is beg

Please don’t be mad at me
I ain't mad at cha
Please don’t be mad at me
I ain't mad at cha
Please don’t be mad at me
I ain't mad at cha
Please don’t be mad at me

Got Tupac in my ear
Singing, “I ain’t mad at cha”
And I need it
Cause I know I don't deserve forgiveness
And all I can do is beg

Please don’t be mad at me
I ain't mad at cha
Please don’t be mad at me
I ain't mad at cha
Please don’t be mad at me
I ain't mad at cha
Please don’t be mad at me

One day I'll make it all right
But for now
all I can do is beg

Please don’t be mad at me
Please don’t be mad at me
Please don’t be mad at me
Please don’t be mad at me
So don’t be mad at me

I ain't mad at cha
To my friends, family, and everyone
I'm sorry I'm such a ******* ***** up
I am mad that work is toilsome.
I am mad that I do stupid things.
I am mad at ignorance.

I am mad that my back hurts.
I am mad at money.
I am mad at anxiety.

I am mad that rest is exhausting.
I am mad that I can't sleep through the night.
I am mad at my clouded mind.

I am mad that breathing and touching are dangerous.
I am mad at being told where and when I can go.
I am mad that people are sick.

I am mad that so much bad has happened.
I am mad because I am lonely.
I am mad at pride.

I am mad that social media gets me bent out of shape.
I am mad that we don't agree.
I am mad at fear.

I am mad that we hurt each other so much.
I am mad that I cry.
I am mad that I get so sad.

I am mad that depression captures me.
I am mad that I fail.
I am mad that I care what people think.

I am so mad about so much
but Jesus is still patient with me.
Sometime being mad is unavoidable. This doesn't make being mad a good thing, but we do have to acknowledge that it is a thing. Many things make many different people mad. Maybe you relate to some of these things. All I know, is at the end of the day, when I am mad, Jesus is still patient with me.
Somebody says everybody else is mad
Then somebody must be mad.
If somebody is the only one not mad.
In the land of the mad
A case of mad calling others mad.
But who is really mad?

It is so sad
To see that every one is sad
The truth of the lie is sad.
And if you are not sad
Then it is really sad
We are smiling but happily sad.

Now it is that bad
To say we are mad,
Is totally sad.
To say we are happily sad,
Is not that we are mad.
Remember, somebody must be mad
And the one that is mad
Is the one who says everybody is mad
Not that he's mad
Then who is sadly mad?

Well, he is mad
And I am mad
Cos you are now getting mad.
Still we say we are not mad
But he is mad
How can we all say he is mad?
How can we be sad he is bad?
Wait a minute, are we mad?
Jackie G Jul 2018
I get mad when i think about my last relationship.
I get mad when people drive slow, like they have nowhere to go.
I get mad when i realize racism is still a problem.
I get mad when i have to MAKE UP for the person that was before ME
I get mad when people LIE TO MY FACE.
I get mad when i think of all the betrayal.
I get mad when i think about the dumb decisions i made in my youth
I get mad when people are shocked that i dont have any kids like EVERYBODY IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE KIDS so young!
I get mad when people are surprised at the ****** rate in my city, but they support it through the music.
I get mad when people stare without saying hello!
I get mad when people dont mind their business.
I get mad i mean sooo madd when black people(my people) go against cops for killing our people but they themselves **** OUR PEOPLE.
I get madd when i find out people are deliberately spreading std's
I get mad when i see a child has no HOME TRAINING!
Sara Leal Oct 2015
I'm mad.
I'm so ******* mad.
Not in wonderland unfortunately.
 I'm mad.
Consciously mad.
  Not with you.
  I'm mad.
Only mad.
   Because I forgot how to feel everything else.
  I'm mad.
And I touch it.
    As I smoke my madness,
And my cigarettes end easily,
I get even more mad
  I'm mad.
     I forgot this was called alcohol,
Well **** it
  I'm mad.
More than I wanted to be.
      What it's even better.
  I'm mad.
Mad, mad, mad.
Mad, mad, mad.
So mad.
       Because of your love,
That ended so easily
English version
Ryuki Jan 2015
I'm mad at the people who think they are God
Who think they can do whatever they want
I'm mad at the people who think they're all that
At the people who lie, or hide behind a hat

I'm mad at the people who judge other people
Who think they can fight, or burn down a steeple
I'm mad at the people who wear gruesome chains
Who curse at their fathers or *******

I'm mad at the people who beat their woman
Who don't care about life, and give up on livin'
I'm mad at the people who make fun and are racist
Who **** and moan and are generally tasteless

I'm mad at the people who are loud and shout
Who ignore everyone, and constantly make out
I'm mad at the people who always sin
Who sit on the side of the road, holding a tin

I'm mad at the people who laugh and cry
Who cheat and double-cross, and maybe even lie
I'm mad at the people who think they can sing
Who mark themselves as Queen or King

I'm mad at those who always want more
Who do stupid things, like gamble and start war
I'm mad at the people who laugh at things like ****
Who will never understand, or never contemplate

I'm mad at the people who don't believe
Who don't stay and enjoy the show, who get up and leave
I'm mad at the people who don't take a stand
Who don't even fight for their own land

I just want a world of quiet, of happiness
A world where everyone is a friend, no such thing as sadness
But with people how they are today, oh so rude
They get on my nerves, and put me in a bad mood

A world of love, a world of peace
Out of this huge puzzle, just one little piece
This is my vision of the world, these are my dreams
But it will  never be, I will never get wish, or so it seems

I'm mad at everyone, at everything
I'm mad at the world, who destroyed my dream
I think this one came to fruition about 8 years ago. It's pretty catchy if you get the rhythm down. It was just one of those days were everything anyone did bugged the **** out of me.
Yamuna Turco Jan 2019
I am mad
Not just mad, I am furious

People all around me lie
And cheat and steal
But worse they judge
And assume, and stereotype
So I am mad

It is the privileged
It is the privileged who judge the most
In their white castles perched on a cliffside
Their ignorance and lackluster
But they say ignorance is bliss
So I am mad

“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”
That's what our constitution says
Yet how can these be ours when those who are unaccepted
Those who are thrown out and tossed aside
Are forced to change for those who dominate them
So I am mad

If only
If only every Black, Asian, Native American,
gay, bi, woman, and person could see
That you are who you are
And not who you are told to be
So how am I to accept myself
If a cab driver I once had rolled his eyes at me and made me squirm in my seat
For wearing a pink wig and all black
So I am mad

I am mad
Because I can not be who I am
Because my curly hair is “too frizzy”
Because I respect the rights of others
I am mad

I am mad that I still have to be mad
I am mad
Because there were so many before me,
Yet I still have to be mad
Mad that the blissful ignorance is far too ignorant
Mad that a quiff-haired, white, christian boy tells me that having a pedophilic and sexist man as a president is better for the well-being of all than a woman ever could be
So I am still mad

I will stay mad
Mad at the ignorant
At the arrogant
At the system for changing once proud groups of people
I am mad
And I will forever be mad
Until I can look a KKK member in the eye without feeling like my life is at risk of ending
Trevor Blevins Dec 2015
Mad in my envy.
Mad in the irrational stresses of "love".
Mad at all the happiness I isolate.
Mad with the visions of success.
Mad with my prewar publications.
Mad with your gestures of bliss.
Mad in how we can't get carried away.
Mad at how the money always talks back.
Mad when I am making this a monologue.
Mad when I haven't crossed the minds of
Mad when they declare the eyes of reason to
       be obscene for the children.
Mad at the fame that they call existence.
Mad when I see the lackluster descriptive
       lies within their Bibles.
Mad that you became the society we
Mad toward the rebirth of the minister's
       daughter who sang for forgiveness and
       love but lied about both,
Wasting our time on useless Norwich
       sonnets, and naming the theoretical
Wouldn't anyone be mad as hell?


Beautiful in your powerful gaze, upgrading
       constantly, tossing me aside, casting
       countless new euphoric darlings into the
       void since my dismissal.

Draining each meaningful vein from the
       poor souls who fall under your magnetic
       pull—who want to brave the human    
       castle (floor lined with pitfalls) and then
       you, *** Incarnate! Most perfect
       amongst us! Blessed be your Godly
       word, you execute them with joy!

Holy in your immaculate beauty, dear Saint!
Now it is your time of reckoning.

Happy Birthday.

Don't forget who made you.
Victoria Ryan Jun 2014
I'm Mad About You.
I'm mad that I'm not with you.
I'm mad that you're younger than me.
And I'm mad that I continue to **** things up.
I'm mad that I chose him and can't get you off my mind.
I'm mad that we cant spend summer together like we promised.
I'm mad that around you I get the spark, but around him its nothing.
I'm mad that I continue not to let my self be happy.
I'm mad that, quite frankly I rather be single.
I'm mad that I'm to good of a person to just leave him.
I'm mad that I never know what I want.
I'm mad that I'm Mad About You.
I'm Mad About You
Alireza Zibaie Apr 2014
Passing idea
Clusters a spark
a mundane brainstorm  
And as it passes
Through the elastic mind

I wish to sit
At my typewriter

To capture the essence
Before it’s gone
Before the idea vanishes
Before storm ceases

Mad mind

Passing idea
space exploded within itself
atomic fusion instigated
The mundane universe
And it expands
Through the elastic space

I wish to sit
At my typewriter

To capture the essence
Before it’s gone
Before a black-hole
Swallows my universe
to create another one

Mad universe

Passing idea
Clusters of minds
Until civilizations are fused
Into mundane cultures
And they expand
Through the elastic generations

I wish to sit
At my typewriter

To capture the essence
Before it’s gone
Before civilization zero
Is both dead and alive
In the schrodinger-like
Transition to civilization one

Mad persons

Passing idea
Cluster of lonely universes
Until the almighty gravity
Loses its kingdom
To the thought of multiverses
And it expands
Through the elastic kinship

I wish to sit
At my typewriter

To capture the essence
Before it’s gone
Before multiverses wonder
And discover:
They think, therefore they are.

Mad multiverses

I am sitting at my typewriter
To capture an idea
whilst thoughts are passing through my cerebral cortex
Someone inside an earth-like neuron in my brain
Is sitting at his typewriter
With a writer’s block
Trying to make sense of the birth of me:
His equivalent of the big bang
a single atom
Giving birth to the energy
That shaped his universe - my cerebrum   

I am sitting at my typewriter
To capture an idea
Whilst the milky-way and Andromeda
Are to cross through a string of light-like gravitational paths  
The conscious of the universe
Ponders my existence
In a form of a passing idea

Mad Alireza.
Linguistic Play Sep 2013
Friends, family, foes, and those of woe,
I invite you to dance this delicate tango with me,
right on the line of reality and fantasy.
It is here, that,
I invite you to the mad tea party.

Now, let us get one or two,
three or four,
maybe ten, one hundred, zero things straight,
you are not to be late to the mad tea party,
you are to set your time straight and do not stray,
but rather show up without delay at the time that serves your mental estate,
at a time that feels right with your bones,
now, now don't miss that time and don't be late.
We are of strict dress code here at the mad tea party.
You are not to wear what you saw on him and she and her and we unless it is of,
suitable expression to your situation,
you are to dress accordingly with your mentality,
nothing else will pass the test.
You are to act accordingly.
Do not laugh when not appropriate, and sit up straight when your spine tells you.
Do not speak when your mind is forced to be spoken.
Now, have we all straight.

I cordially invite you to the mad tea party.
Where we dine and wine and tell tales of time,
and rejoice on the words those delicately spoke,
and dance on the lines theatrically strewn across the room,
and sail across every last tale from you and he and yeah her over there too.
I invite you to the mad tea party.

I invite you tell of when you first saw the earth breath,
when the trees and the leaves set to dancing,
when you first heard the wind laugh at your grin,
and when the raindrops ran fearfully from the erupting sky.
I demand of you to tell nothing but that of truth,
and watch as the molecules in the air take to vibrating.
Take notice to musical clinking of the entities amidst you,
and take pride in the gentle stride of the clouds overhead.
Did you notice the flowers laughing at you,
in between the birth, death and rebirth in accordance with the sun?
Did you notice the flowers pull in their petals as they shyed from your step?
Take notice to the music and laughter around you at the mad tea party,
take great care with the feelings floating about the air, vulnerably buzzing from mind to mind,
before their decline and descent to rest their heads.

You see, it is here at the great mad tea party,
that we do not devoid you of the ability to do as your energy demands,
with the issues of time and dress and proper behavior.
It is here that we tend to focus on the earth and the breathing of the molecules and atoms  around you,
it is here that we go mad.
and it is here that I cordially invite you,
but before you make your reservation, please eliminate all hesitation.
You see the mad tea party is not readily accepted,
by the constraints of society and the binds of reality.
You see the mad tea party is misconstrued by masses more than just a few.
Those who long buried their soul look down on the guests,
for they are different than the rest, in that, they're welcoming,
into their soul the ability to go mad which is taught to be bad.
So before you make your reservation be inexplicably sure,
that you are in fact,
ready, for the mad tea party.
Sometimes I wonder whether I am mad
How do l know I am mad?
Mad never knows he is mad
If he ever knows that, he wouldn't be mad
The scenario is really sad
Let's turn to psychologists and psychiatrists
What they have said on the topic
They say your vision is myopic
Everybody is mad somehow, it is tragic
You live in a mad mad world
You are mad if they find you difficult
You are mad if you are sad
You are mad if you are glad
You would be declared mad without confusion
If you are different from mass illusion
I don't know whether I am mad
If majority opinion declares me mad
I would be glad I didn't belong to the herd of sheep
If majority opinion declares it otherwise
I would be glad I am different from the mad world outside
For me both ways it's a win win situation!
tina lombardo Oct 2018
i'm only human don't get mad when you ask for my opinion
i'm only human don't get mad when i wander off
i'm only human don't get mad when i make mistakes
i'm only human don't get mad when i walk away
i'm only human don't get mad when i  turn the other way
im only human dont get mad when i say how i feel
im only human dont get mad when i take time
im only human dont get mad when i do something different
im only human dont get mad when i kiss
im only human don't get mad when  i love
im only human dont get mad when i yell
im only human dont get mad when i think
im only human don't get mad when i drink
i'm only human don't get mad when i stop
im only human don't get mad when i had enough
im only human
Sienna Luna Feb 2019
Mad at myself
Mad at myself
Why am I always
so mad at myself?
Cut clients short
time is but a construct but
this is my second or third complainant this week or last week and it’s like I’m impatient and cut their time short always middle-aged blond women maybe I’m projecting maybe I’m not so bad, maybe I’m just tired and lazy and being catty

I’m mad at myself
I’m mad at my actions
Waiting until last minute to register for classes got a way in but it’s becoming a disaster
I’m mad at my actions
I’m mad at myself
I’m no longer a child
on the fucken shelf
that needs to be helped
that needs her hand held
while doing every grown-up step
I’m mad at myself
I’m mad at myself
Mad at myself
At myself
Am I an elf?
Why did I **** up?
Why did I **** it up?
Why am I stuck?
Why do I ****?

I can salvage it all
I can stop my fucken fall
So ****** I feel
It almost feels unreal
Work and School
I’m stacking
and slacking
I’m procrastinating
and waiting
I’m ******* up
and ******* it up
So mad at myself
So mad at my elf
So mad to be a self on the shelf
of childhood fighting adulthood fighting endless deadlines ending early making my clients ****** and not want to come back because they feel like they don’t matter because I’m cutting their sessions short or running late or taking my sweet **** time, acting like a shorty clown and in grad school I sent all those emails out but then go awol and have so many doubts that I’m making mistakes and failing just a little bit and I don’t get it

Why am I doing this?
Why are they so ******?
Why can’t I shake off my fears and fully fucken get into gear
until I work this work this out
until I forge my life with sound
until this mountain of mourning or sorrow splits like the hilt of a samurai blade splitting grain becoming fits of bulbous rage and it feels like I’ve gotten a bad grade in life not a C or a D but a big fat F

Full of strife
I can’t eat
I can’t sleep
I ****** up
I’m in heat
I’m in love
in my head
and my heart’s
full of dread
I’m upset
I’m aloof
I’m unaware
and a goof
I ****** up
I’m alright
I’ll make it all right
I’ll make it all better
I’ll stop straying off the beaten path
I’ll get wetter
and wetter
so soaked and sloshy I’ll
be okay and forgive myself
I’m no longer mad at myself
No longer mad at myself
I forgive myself
Forgive myself
Mark Lecuona Apr 2015
I could be mad everyday and maybe I am
But not over the color of your skin
Or why you remember to this very day
I could be mad everyday
But not whether you love a man or a woman
Or whether God made you that way

I could be mad everyday and maybe I will
But not because you crossed the border
Or because my Father came a different way
I could be mad everyday
I know how you hurt on the inside
Because somebody's hate made you feel that way

Sometimes I don’t feel like trying
But I’m not going to let it happen to me
I’m not listening to people who are doing all the lying
They’re not the ones who care why we’re dying

I could be mad everyday and maybe I should be
From trading goats to trading bitcoins
Money has always been the only way
I could be mad everyday
I don’t want to wait for the judge
To avenge us for those who make us pay

We could be mad everyday and maybe we should
Faceless ambitions send our children off to war
Only to be remembered on Memorial day
I could be mad everyday
They squander all our money
And we wonder why nobody makes them pay

Sometimes I don’t feel like trying
But I’m going to smile even though I can’t
I’m listening to the people doing all the lying
But I’m not going to let them make me feel like dying

I could be mad everyday
Because I don’t want to be a fool
They know I’m not playing their game
I’m not stealing or selling them my name

We could be mad everyday and maybe some are
They try to teach us how to hate
But I’m not going to be the one to obey
I could be mad everyday
They think we don’t understand
But we do because we don’t listen to what they say

Sometimes I don’t feel like trying
But tonight I think I will
I want to know how to be your brother
And not the way they want us to treat each other
Song lyrics
The world makes me mad

Everything makes me mad,
You make me mad,
Everybody else makes me mad,
I make myself mad

Time makes me mad,
There's too little of it
Chores and obligations makes me mad,
There's too much of it

Life makes me mad,
You got things set up right in front of you,
But it's hard to change course from normality

This all makes me mad,
So I'm basically wasting my time being mad,
Leaving no time left to make myself happy...

Isn't it sad?
And you know what?
That makes me more mad than anything else...
Akira Chinen May 2016
On the good days, the words flutter around like butterflies waiting patiently to be choosen.  Other days, the dark uncertain times, they swarm you like hornets, stinging you over and over again.  Making the words fall from your eyes like tears splashing onto the page. You can avoid the whole thing,  by being normal, choose the hallmark life, pre-made and hollow love, never know mad love, never go crazy.  Live  the easy life, never risk anything, stay far far away from the edge.  If you want to call that living.  Bee bites and butterfly kisses, you can't just choose one, you have to live with them both.  The light wings of love and the swollen  eyes and hands from the stingers in your heart and soul... That's my life, the life I want at least... sleeping in the mouth of madness.  Somedays... it hurts, painful heart-wrenching hurt, Somedays its just so ******* beautiful all you do is weep at being alive to witness it.  Beautiful pain and heart breaking love... mad mad love.  How's that song go...

"You may be right
I may be crazy
But it just may be a lunatic you're looking for
Turn out the light
Don't try to save me"

Is that the stones...No Joel you say, so you've heard it... but did you really listen, down in your gut far down below your ears.  See that's one of the problems of the easy life, they don't teach you to listen, really listen where it matters.  Deep down in your dark belly full of demons and monsters and devils, where all the do is listen and if you let them... they turn it all into mad love to keep you alive, really alive.  Not that fake life so many people are so desperate to live.  Every one so ******  afraid of letting a little pain or misery into their lives, all just wanting to be "happy".  Never learning or realizing what they end up missing out on.  A miserable life, there's a secret to it that they won't share with you.  To be miserable, truely  miserable... you have to be touched at least once, just once, by mad crazy stark raving lunatic mad love.  You have to have danced in the mountains of madness for just a second.  And that single touch and that single moment of dancing there among the lunatics of love... that kind of love, never leaves you.  It shoots straight to the marrow of your bones, the bottom of your bottomless heart, soaks into the darkness in the depths of your soul.  It may not stay in your arms or your bed, it may not last as long as it promised or you wanted... but it never just flat out leaves you.  It stays... after every other fire burns out, after every star falls from the sky, after the moon and sun commit their last act of love for each other and both drink each others poison, when the whole of existence just "poofs" and dissappears... That mad love will still be there.  And all those lucky lunatics who went mad and loved crazy will have it all to themselves... MmmHmmm, nothing but that Madness and love.  What a god forsaken beautiful **** fest of an **** that's going to be... just madness and love free from all the other *******, going at it like a couple of teens who just discovered the ability to ******.  And misery knows it, misey hates it.  Because misery can bend you over in a dark alley and take you by force... but misery goes away at just the hope of love, in the presence of love its nothing more than a mist and a ghost.  It might whisper to you behind loves back... but never face to face with love.  Misery is one of the merchants peddling the easy life with the pre-made hollow love and ideal of a happy safe life far away from that scary forbidden edge.  Don't fall for it... find your reason to go mad, find your passenger to drive laughing over the edge with.  Embrace your lunatic and fill your heart and your life with that mad mad love.  Be your miserable ******* self to the core and bitter end... if you need me, you can find me at the mouth of madness, just listen, you'll hear me singing, horribly and off key and out of tune, you can hear me singing to the moon.  You may not belive it, I know it sounds crazy... but baby your the one that saved me.  I'll be waiting here in this mad mad love you gave me... nothing beautiful left in this life for me to do... Thank you... I hope you know I love you.
A Apr 2014
Poets are mad,crazy because they can speak of their lovers lips and how those lovers collar bones curve perfectly so you may drink from it.

Poets are mad,crazy because they can speak about bones and how they can dance through your skin to reveal you are weak,frail nothing but fragile memories.

Poets are mad,crazy because in a pub full of people a single leaf that may try to escape winter would catch their eye.

Poets are mad,crazy because even in their sleep words swirl and dent themselves in their minds.

Poets are mad,crazy because whenever the wind blows,whenever the lips of someone loved moves they un code them and wrap them round their lungs.

Pets are mad,crazy because they cannot breathe without a pen,or a computer calling softly to them.

Poets are mad,crazy because they can write about things they have never experienced but still they come out like coins of silver.

Poets are mad,crazy because they can write about cemeteries and how ghostly streets  can be on the 26th of december.

Poets are mad crazy,because someone mere may just see the sun as a yellow piece hovering above,but they see it as a golden orb that signifies all life and love.

Poets are mad,crazy because no matter what they go through,no matter what they lose,no matter who they meet and what they experience,words will always be their first lovers and first friends.
We are all mad here
yoshi Nov 2018
I was mad
Mad that after everything, you still left
Mad that i was just another voice in your head
Mad that all this betrayal came from you
Mad because i didn’t want it to be true

I was sad

Sad that i couldn’t keep you in my reach
Sad that someone else had something you couldn’t teach
Sad that i could no longer say you’re mine
Sad because i gave you my time

I was scared

Scared of someone else breaking my heart
Scared of letting another pull me apart
Scared of letting go of what he had
Scared of forgetting that you made me mad

Because you made me crazy

Crazy in love with your eyes
Crazy in love with the way you never tried
Crazy about how you laughed  at nothing
I was crazy with the way you made me feel like something

Now? I’m wounded

Wounded from trying to get you back
Wounded because it was my lack
Of resistance which brought me here
Wounded from all these toxic tears

You smile…

You smile that broken smile
Of a soldier who limped a mile
That smile which says ‘ im sorry’
Even if you don’t mean it, and the vision got blurry
I took you back

Because i wanted to believe you could change
Because i couldn’t live as if i was the same
Because i wanted us to be okay
Because i just wanted you to stay

And now im mad

Because I know i shouldn’t forgive so easy
Mad with how i remember her and get queasy
Mad because my friends say to leave you
Mad because I love being blue

I’m just mad
Moon sun mars Nov 2014
He always smiled before he went mad
She loved him like crazy before he went mad
He lived life wild before he went mad
They worked on a baby before he went mad
He had motivation before he went mad
He thought they would make it until he went mad
All the nights they spent naked until he mad
She went on vacation and then he went mad
They grew farther then he went mad
She said he wasn't the father and went mad
No more smiles only blank
No more love only lust
No more faith no more trust
No more sun no more clouds
No more light no more stars
She won
Solo dolo
Braden Campbell Mar 2010
He fell down a rabbit hole,
chasing after a crazy dream

He met a rabbit with a waistcoat.
He braved the Red Queen.
He had tea with a caterpillar.
He spoke with talking flowers.

He faced his worst nightmares,
and he lived to tell the tale.

And eventually he crawled back out,
ready to face the world.

But no one believed him.
The more he told,
the more he was scorned.

And he drew farther and farther into himself,
comforting himself with stories and talking flowers,
and a rabbit in a waistcoat.

Soon that was all he had left,
stories and fantasies.

Until one day he plunged back through the rabbit hole,
grasping for a crazy dream.

There he learned the trade of making hats,
but he soon surpassed his masters and peers.

Once again he was scorned,
and he  relocated to an old house with two other outcasts,
making hats and drinking tea to fill his time.

He retreated into himself once again,
this time literally becoming as mad as a hatter,
and this became his title.

And soon no one remembered his true name,
knowing only that was mad,
until his title became his name: the Mad Hatter.

Only one ever tried to know why he was mad,
and her name was Alice.

And in her presence,
he found himself, though still quite mad, less mad.

He even found that he liked it,
though he never let his other mad companions know that.

But she, too, fell back through the rabbit hole,
and he was alone,
with only fantasies and madmen to keep him company.

Until one day many years later he found a woman, wandering,
mumbling about talking flowers and rabbits with waistcoats,
almost as mad as himself.

And her name, he found, was Alice,
and in each other’s presence they found, though they were still quite mad,
they were decidedly less so.

And they found they liked it.
No, I do not own the Mad Hatter or Alice.
missing you Feb 2015
As I cry myself to sleep I ask myself why I'm sad and then I realize I'm not sad just mad
Mad that you left me
Mad that the one thing I cared about is gone
Mad that I can't be happy anymore
Mad that I dont know who did this
Mad that I'm slowly dying and there's nothing I can do now
Jackilyn Teague Oct 2014
I’m mad because nothing is changing
I’m mad because you were left hanging
I’m mad because of the tears on your face
And your smile once again glued in place

I’m mad because there’s nothing I can do
I’m mad because I don’t know if it’s true
I’m mad because she jerks you around
And I can’t make a sound

I’m mad because you’re not
I’m mad because you “forgot”
I’m mad because of the lies
And because you’re breaking the ties
The first poem I'm proud of.  It's deeply personal and has to do with watching one of my best friends self-destruct from a romantic relationship.
SassyJ Jul 2016
The calm wind,
strokes the ****.
The world drives,
the primes and hives,
of mad and trance.

The numb toes,
mounted moles.
The world drives,
the time and halves,
of mad and trance.

The chaos one,
does not know.
The world drives,
the wars and tyranny,
of mad and trance.

The feel of alive,
a touch of humanity.
The world drives,
justice of the immortals,
of mad and trance.

Peasants and pennies,
the drop of dime.
The world drives,
waters and commotions,
of mad and trance.

The fire in the alleyway,
burns the broomstick.
The world drives,
the dead and sad witches,
of mad and trance.

The bohemian ode,
nympomanics and satyriasis,
The world drives,
the desires and passions,
of mad and trance.

The sainted troops,
stalks, mocks, traps.
The world drives,
the obedience of lies,
in the mad and trance.
Colin Anhut Mar 2014
My frustration told me
That madness would
Answer my prayer but
I tried going mad,
Screaming Holy! in
Acred forests
Grabbing at atmospheric
Redemption and sunlight forgiveness
I tried going mad
Waving lone **** heartache
In crowds of closed-box
Timid hurt,
"I'm sorry I'm sorry!"
I tried going mad
Dancing barstool homeless
Through heavenly hallways
Laughing insanity,
"Take my eyes!"
I tried going mad
Cursing schoolhouse process-plant
Ideology and worship
"Where is the FDA when
You need them?"
I tried going mad
        In streets of gold
With hungry hungry
Empty sick blindness
Taunting me, "Get a job!"
I tried going mad
With Poe and Shelley and
Thomas and Wilde
All howling humanity
All singing Patriam
I tried going mad
        In type,
Even seeing briefly
Line/break suicide
On liquid crystal display  
Oh! I tried going mad
But my soul dragged me
To earthcore wisdom and
Vibrated my atomic scaffolding
MAJD S Jun 2013
The darkening lights
Just keep flickering my mood
Leaves me curious
Wondering if those Millie seconds of darkness
Could bring me what I have lost in those long days of light
And what if those days of tranquility where bad for my health
And healthy as I be; I lay down today with nothing on my mind
But all the answers I cannot find
And on my way to perform my daily errands
I realized that you have become one of them
Like them pills my grandmother pops every two minutes
Or else she'll suffer from back pain, headaches, seizures and heart crashes
My medication is necessary…

My medication lies between your wondrous eyes
The dazzling looks of a challenger
A challenger to the world
And if not the world in your heart stays and survives
Then the universe in your eyes sure looks up to me
The dormant universe
The dormant world and when did we become this arrogant?
And when did we become this inconsiderate of each other
The fear just keeps on evolving in our minds and hearts
Till were ripped apart
The part I'm talking about
Is not the part I want to refer to
It's like I'm preparing
My life for sharing stocks
And stock markets just keep coming through
Hello, my name is Majd
And I came to the world from the world
And I can't fix either..the source or the being
My being is when I exist through papers
And papers exist on her tongue
Bumping into lips of eccentricity
I'll show you nothing of my flaws that’s my biggest one ever
I'll show you nothing of my flaws not because I'm in love with you
But because I'm mad
I'm different types of mad
I'm mad when my mother wakes me up 30 minutes earlier
I'm mad when my school is not my school yet it becomes a thing I go to every morning
I'm mad when my friends are not my friends
But they become a part of me
And you are a part of me
And this is the type of mad I am about you
I'm mad because I can't be whatever you want me to be whenever you want it
I'm mad because I can't be your entertainment, your consolation, your girlfriend, and your brother all at once
Though I try
Though I try

I came across a golden gem today
The ones you leave behind in my mind
But this time it was different
This time it wrote:
If you found a crystal keep it"
Care for it and seek its guidance
Do not turn it into a ring or jewelry
And don’t let your little urge of turning it into something it's not get over you"
So I did
I'm not in love with you
I'm just mad
I'm just mad that I cant be whatever you want me to be whenever you want it
But I try though
But I try…

— The End —