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Ryuki Feb 2016
I wish someone was there for me like I am for you
I don't need a happy ending, a good one will do
I don't need a big castle, or a princess crown
I just need someone to hug me when I'm down

I don't need expensive gifts, or anything at all
I just need someone to catch me as I fall
I don't need perfection or anything close
I just need someone who loves me the most

I need someone that cares, and holds my hand
Someone who laughs, and takes me to a far away land
I need someone to tell me everything will be alright
And that my dreams are forever in my sight

I just need someone to live with, laugh with, love with
Someone who understands that I am not a myth
I need someone who needs someone too
I need someone
And that you
Ryuki Feb 2015
Someone please take me away from here
This life I live is just a little bit queer
A tortured soul alone in the dark
Searching for just one little spark

A quiet place to rest my weary eyes
And sing a sad song, not the lies
Slowly adrift on dreams made stale
By a ship with a wartorn sail

Leave me in peace in this forgotten place
A doll all dressed up in tears and lace
Hook your finger and pull my string
An endless, chaotic scream

It is just a dream...

Is it just a dream...
Had a **** day today and this little drabble came to mind....
Ryuki Jan 2015
What do you see when you look into my eyes
All the sad truths, all the happy lies
Are those stormy clouds just a reflection
A mirror to disguise my unyielding affection
A little drabble. Might make something of it later.
Ryuki Jan 2015
I am the rains of sorrow
Whose wings of song are apart
On the edge of dreams
The rush of a beating heart

The gift of the World's End
Where are the gates of wonder?
I am waiting for sunset
Hanging on clouds of thunder

I am glad for the time
From tomorrow comes my sheep
Which gates of dreams I enter
In din and rains I sleep

The time of the World's End
Hang gifts of sunset things
Change wonders apart
Glad for sorrowful wings
Another from the dredge that was my writing days 8 years ago. This one was made in a poetry class. The challenge? We were given a set of words to work with and we could only add prepositions and articles. This is what came of that.
Ryuki Jan 2015
With him, forever in love
Flying away, like a dove
Couldn't stand it , loneliness
It all started with a kiss

Even when we were apart
I held him close, in my heart
"I love you", I always say
Forever, with you, I will stay
Another from 8 years ago. We didn't end up staying together, but we had 6 years: one hell of a run while it lasted!
Ryuki Jan 2015
I'm mad at the people who think they are God
Who think they can do whatever they want
I'm mad at the people who think they're all that
At the people who lie, or hide behind a hat

I'm mad at the people who judge other people
Who think they can fight, or burn down a steeple
I'm mad at the people who wear gruesome chains
Who curse at their fathers or *******

I'm mad at the people who beat their woman
Who don't care about life, and give up on livin'
I'm mad at the people who make fun and are racist
Who **** and moan and are generally tasteless

I'm mad at the people who are loud and shout
Who ignore everyone, and constantly make out
I'm mad at the people who always sin
Who sit on the side of the road, holding a tin

I'm mad at the people who laugh and cry
Who cheat and double-cross, and maybe even lie
I'm mad at the people who think they can sing
Who mark themselves as Queen or King

I'm mad at those who always want more
Who do stupid things, like gamble and start war
I'm mad at the people who laugh at things like ****
Who will never understand, or never contemplate

I'm mad at the people who don't believe
Who don't stay and enjoy the show, who get up and leave
I'm mad at the people who don't take a stand
Who don't even fight for their own land

I just want a world of quiet, of happiness
A world where everyone is a friend, no such thing as sadness
But with people how they are today, oh so rude
They get on my nerves, and put me in a bad mood

A world of love, a world of peace
Out of this huge puzzle, just one little piece
This is my vision of the world, these are my dreams
But it will  never be, I will never get wish, or so it seems

I'm mad at everyone, at everything
I'm mad at the world, who destroyed my dream
I think this one came to fruition about 8 years ago. It's pretty catchy if you get the rhythm down. It was just one of those days were everything anyone did bugged the **** out of me.
Ryuki Jan 2015
How can love be so blind?
And yet, be so clear?
I'm sad when you are far,
I'm confused when you are near

What would happen,
If the world started to fall?
Would you still take care of me?
Would you love me at all?

Wrap your arms around me
And don't ever let me go
Keep me close to your heart
Let me hear it beating, deep and slow

Shower me with your divine kisses
And protect me for all time
Don't let me fade to darkness
Leave me not, for you are mine

Let me protect you, and guide you
And love, like you have done for me all along
Let me be your dreams, and chase away your fears
Let me dance with you, and sing for you
Because for you, I made this song
And yet anther written oh so long ago. A friend of mine created a score for this one, so it really was a song at one point. But I never got a copy.
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