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I don’t mind politics at holidays

and religion at restaurants.

I think out loud

And have lots of questions and comments.

I talk too loud

And tell dad jokes.

I wake up early in the morning

And make lots of noise.

I often spill

And make lots of messes.

Yet my wife loves me all the more!
All hope was lost when I was alone,
I cried a prayer that reached the throne.

Addicted to tears shaped like the cross,
I wept aloud and found that which I lost.

Like a baby without a breast
I was hungry and starved, I needed to rest.

Weak without food I could barely see,
that The King had prepared a feast right before me.

Bestowed a place at his table,
I found grace that was fatal.

"Eat and drink and be joyful,
by faith my hope is bountiful."

When Jesus made me cry,
I knew, that for me he had to die.

By grace, through faith we are saved,
by the blood that Jesus has paid.

Completely God and completely man,
this Jesus was killed by human hand.

A sacrifice he was,
Jesus loves you, just because.

Resurrected from the dead,
Jesus is alive, no matter what is said.

Living and strong,
Jesus is with you, all your life long.

Jesus is building his house so big,
he wants you to come and see his Kingdom gig ;)

You are loved.
You are blessed.

In the Kings righteousness,
you are dressed.
Copyright 2020 coup de grace by Austin Woodruff

coup de grace (n.)
"a single blow or stroke, dispatching one condemned or mortally wounded to put an end to misery," 1690s, from French coup de grce, literally "stroke of grace;" the merciful death-blow that ends another's suffering. (Etymonline; Online Etymology Dictionary)
In order for the gospel to go it also must come.

come Jesus come.
go Gospel go.
You are loved,
you are blessed.
In Christ's righteousness,
you are dressed.
I am mad that work is toilsome.
I am mad that I do stupid things.
I am mad at ignorance.

I am mad that my back hurts.
I am mad at money.
I am mad at anxiety.

I am mad that rest is exhausting.
I am mad that I can't sleep through the night.
I am mad at my clouded mind.

I am mad that breathing and touching are dangerous.
I am mad at being told where and when I can go.
I am mad that people are sick.

I am mad that so much bad has happened.
I am mad because I am lonely.
I am mad at pride.

I am mad that social media gets me bent out of shape.
I am mad that we don't agree.
I am mad at fear.

I am mad that we hurt each other so much.
I am mad that I cry.
I am mad that I get so sad.

I am mad that depression captures me.
I am mad that I fail.
I am mad that I care what people think.

I am so mad about so much
but Jesus is still patient with me.
Sometime being mad is unavoidable. This doesn't make being mad a good thing, but we do have to acknowledge that it is a thing. Many things make many different people mad. Maybe you relate to some of these things. All I know, is at the end of the day, when I am mad, Jesus is still patient with me.
It’s a social
With a little
Drawn down the
In tongues
Is the mask we were trained to wear.

Stripped naked
You run in shame
With no one to

One day
They will Not
Acknowledge you.

If They did... you would have been crucified
I was Davey Jones Locker destined.
There I was drowning in my sorrows.
Choking on my pride.
I was a blind man walking on the cliffs edge.

There you were swimming in the sorrows that were drowning me.
I found you where you first loved me.
I cried the prayer that surrendered my soul.
Your breadth is the voice of the redeemed.
I will forever remember the love that I saw in your eyes when I awoke from the nightmare I was writing.
Your closer than I think you are.
You promised that you are with me always, even till the end of the age.

I know that you are for me.
Like the sunrise on the darkest of nights, my hope in you is victory enough.
Hallelujah for the good things coming that I cannot see yet.
This current suffering is but a storm that you are sanctifying.

I am going to look into the blazing eyes of the Great I Am.
He was dead and buried and now he is alive and gives life eternal.

Do you know the name?!
Sing it louder!
Say it prouder!
Let me hear you hope!
Our enemy is retreating, see him cower!

Death is defeated and sin has no more.
Freedom has arrived and hope is alive.
Do you know his name?
Do you know his name?!
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