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jessika michele Oct 2014
nobody wants to hear
about rainbows and unicorns
sunshine smiles
eyes of topaz
a touch as warm as a gentle summer breeze

nobody wants to hear
how your heartbeat races
how you memorize each others faces
or how you lay in the dark and name your unborn children

nobody cares
that you've been swept off your feet
that you feel like a princess
whisked away in the throes of passion

no one cares
how you can taste his soul in his kiss
see your future in his eyes
feel every fiber in your body tingle with elation when he touches you

nobody likes a happy I wont write one
jessika michele Sep 2014
I used to wear it like armor
sword and shield
a living sigil upon a breast plate
It kept me safe
A bannerman for the soul
"Halt! All who go there!"
for what you see is what you get
whirling and livid
laughing and disheveled
until you

You showed up  
traipsing through miles of frozen wasteland
battling ghosts and wolves
in all your glimmering brilliance
with the light of a thousand heavens
my bannerman slain and my armor pierced
that beating sigil sinking beneath the flesh
through muscle and muk
sinking deep into bones
bonding and awakening
Falling away fears and doubts
all of that shining steel
glaring and distracting
just for show
oh but how I wore it well
fallen away now
leaving me
like fresh skin
I feel new
old wounds healed
with the faintest of scars
You have given me something
I hadn't known was lost
an awakening as bold as daylight
truth and courage and honor
jessika michele Aug 2014
so you wanna know
you wanna know how I feel
how do I feel about you
you got a minute?
you make me feel
you make me feel
that one song that gives you goosebumps
driving my five speed
my blankets
outer space
riding your motorcycle
a hug from my mother
still not getting it?
that one song that gives you goosebumps=perfect
driving my five speed=in control
my blankets=secure
outer space=undiscovered and beautiful
riding your motorcycle=free
a hug from my mother=loved
you wanna know how you make me feel
how do I feel about you
how do I feel
how can I
without you
you make me feel everything
jessika michele May 2014
it feels like nothing feels right

I've been squandering my talents in mind numbing delicacies

I've been wondering about.....lately

east meets west
good vs evil
black and white

I cant even make the words come out right

they flow so fluidly
like rivers intent
violently making their way to the sea

they just gather dust

in wooden banks
tiny yellow placards to distinguish what words are where
and I just stand there
staring in all their glory
and wonder
what words have I not been using
jessika michele May 2014
how is it
this small town girl
white trash
lives in a trailer
kind of girl
can get a man like you?

my socks don't match
I have sailors mouth
I drink beer from a can
shop at goodwill

yet you look at me like i'm an angel

motorcycle gangs
hillbilly roughnecks
hang in a bar that has a wood stove for heat

and I make YOUR heart beat?

the day I met you
I thought "yeah right"
"im so not his type"
"he likes blond girls, who wear pearls and skirts"
things like "LOVE PINK" on their Tshirts

but no....
it's me....?

in his shoes, that match his shirt, that match his hat
he said
"I fell in love with you the day I met you"

and our two worlds collide

its like winning the love lottery
and I am the ******* jackpot winner
I won a man who makes me richer
jessika michele Apr 2014
it's like the first cigarette
after a meal
or the crisp, smooth coolness of that first drink after a long day
utter bliss
warm and cozy
the happy buzz from a glass of wine
or two ;)
none of this has to do with alcohol though
it's you
that floating sensation
the heart vibration
the high no drink nor drug could ever induce
it's that first kiss
and you miss
because you're so nervous
losing words and thoughts
you thought you could keep walking
but you're caught
in a glance
in a stare
in an "oh my god his fingers are in my hair"
it's you
it's all you
my happy thought
my wish on a star
my every dream come true
it's you
jessika michele Feb 2014
recycled hearts
made up of bits and pieces
of parts that used to be
parts that fell apart
recycled love
all the bits that used to fit
but are never quite the same
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