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F J McCarthy Sep 2011
The sand drenched in blood, sword arm aches.
Yet another foe approaches,soon he to shall die.
I am the gladiator, battle is my home.
Pain is for the weak, I feel it not
Cut off my limb I shall grow another.
For I am everlasting,I am immortaL
Cry no tears for me, I am the hunter.
The one you fear and dare not speak my name.
Come and vanquish me if you dare
F J McCarthy Aug 2010
Empty Inside

F J McCarthy on Jun 17, 2009

Empty, hollow, nothing left.
The way I feel inside.
No substance there I am bereft.
With nothing left to hide.
Barren,stark, like windblown sand.
No purchase to be found.
Tossed about like a tumble ****.
This world has worn me down.
Dried out ,hardened,like a stone.
I’m ready for the fire.
Burn me up till I am gone.
My soul can now retire.
F J McCarthy Aug 2010
So long have I searched, on high and below.
Yet the truth that I seek does elude me.
I hear hints of it's laughter as the blackbird does crow.
In the whispers she sends to delude me.

Is my ego that frail to be bought by her voice.
When the words are said strickly to please.
Am I just her toy puppet without any choice.
So easily brought to my knees?

**** you truth come and show me what's real.
I have waited as long as I might.
Shatter the mirrors and take down the veil.
I'm no longer afraid of the light.

The blinders are off and my soul is laid bare.
Judge me for all that you see.
The elusive truth is finally here'
With the knowledge to set my soul free.

Look in the mirror and know who you are.
Except all of your faults as they be.
You are a being as bright as a star
With a soul as deep as the sea.

Yes you are the one, you have finally seen.
That the truth was inside you so long.
And where ever you go ,or wherever you've been.
You decide what is right and what's wrong.
F J McCarthy Aug 2010

F J McCarthy on Aug 9, 2010
What poetry means to me.

Poetry is the music that plays in my head,it is the beat  of my heart when I see beauty.

Poetry is two lovers walking hand in hand completely alone as the world rushes by.

The wind in the trees ,a bird in flight, a childs first step,these are poetry.

Tears of joy at a loved ones safe return, the birth of a child.

Every day of our lives are filled with poetry.

If we are lucky we can somehow translate the love and the sorrow, the joy and the pain,into words.

Words that stir our emotions, words that make us happy or sad, that bring tears to our eyes.

Sometimes raw and unpolished,sometimes beautifully balanced and flowing.

Words not to be judged as right or wrong,just to be read and perhaps to be felt.

We call those words poetry, I call them my heart, my soul, and all the things I long for.

All my hopes and my fears locked within the pages of my poetry, just waiting to be found and set free.
F J McCarthy Aug 2010
Why Did You Go?

F J McCarthy on Mar 28, 2009

So many things I would have told you,

If you had given me a chance.

Now your gone I want to hold you,

Soft music playing while we dance.

You packed your bags without a warning,

I came back to an empty home.

It seems I wake up every morning,

Still can’t believe my love is gone.

I wish that I could find the answer,

the reason for your discontent.

Farewell to you my lovely dancer,

You leave me in bewilderment.

Do you realize the way you hurt me,

Was I just a passing fling?

How easily you can desert me,

when I would have given  you everything.

I know that time will heal this pain.

Might take a thousand years.

Perhaps I can forget your face ,

But I wont forget the tears.
F J McCarthy Aug 2010
Meeting Lisa

F J McCarthy on Jan 8, 2009

I wrote this to my girlfriend, now my wife. She must have liked it, she still married me.

My heart was a deep dark well,
And at the bottom only sand.
Then you came, and I could tell,
That my love could flood the land.
Jealous was the morning sun,
When he saw you through my eyes.
For then he knew, the love in you.
Could brighten midnight skies.
Fields of roses, perfect all,
Could not bear to show it.
For in thier midst,you’d pale them all.
And the world would always know it.
F J McCarthy Jul 2010
The Letter

F J McCarthy on Apr 24, 2010

This kind of sung in my head like a country song,I hope you like it.

I looked at the letter,turned yellow with time the paper so fragile and old.

I couldn’t hold back the tears as I read every line, the words  made me lose my control.

From the date on the top it was twenty years old, I  would have been about ten.

That was the year that my father passed , and this letter ,I knew was from him.

It said “Son I just don’t know how to tell you, you’re so young and you might not believe.

The doctors you see, have found something in me ,and they don’t give me much longer to live.

I don’t think it’s fair,to take me from you when there’s so many things left undone.

Who will teach you ’bout life,how to drive your first car,I thought I would be the one.

So I wrote you this letter,so someday you will know, that your daddy didn’t want to go.

I am missing you now as I write down these words,missing the boy and watching him grow.

Missing the boy becoming a man, and all of the things you will do.

But I’m telling you son as the years roll on by I will always be watching over you.

So take care of your mama and make daddy proud, be a good boy and good man

I love you so much, and I’m telling you son I would be there if I can.

So please don’t be sad cause I had to go, and one more thing I have to say.

God has his plan, for this simple man, and I’ll see you in Heaven some day.
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