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GENIE Aug 2021
I know it's only a passing phase
But I wish it could stop now
Sometimes I feel like giving up
But I've given up on giving up
I know am slowly evolving
Becoming a better being
But this pain is too much
The pain of purification is the strength of sanctification.
GENIE Aug 2021
In a split second, I had it all and lost it all
In a split second, you kissed me and bit me
In a split second you built me and destroyed me
In a split second you healed me and killed me
In a split second you made me and marred me
In a split second, you showed me love and blinded me
In a split second you gave it all and took it all
It takes a split second to hurt, how long till I heal?
Does healing take forever?
Does healing take forever?
Or another split second.
GENIE Aug 2021
Dear Genie, where are you. Please come back. I seem to have lost it all. All that you earned. The jobs, the morale, the charisma, the devil may burn for all i care, the energy to exercise, thr passion for God, the passage to God, the craziness, more painfully, the love and respect you earned and commanded. You were what i would call "THE PERSONALITY"

Dear Genie how did you ever do it? At a time when we had nothing no money, no love, no charisma, no morale, no passion, overcaring, zero respect, no vibes, nothing. You came like a storm and took over.
You changed the climate and changed the landscape, you showed me what could be where nothing had been.
You dared to dream, you dared anything that dared to threaten our dream. You went for it against all odds, till you achieved what i once called "THE IMPOSSIBLE"

Dear Genie, you were never weary, never tired. Never gave up, never surrendered, never angry, never intimidated. You were what people would call "THE PERFECT STORM"
But then i felt thought I'd take a break find some peace and start to care. The little i gained, i thought I'd share and i thought i could do without you. I thought i could be "THE BETTER ONE"

Dear Genie, Its better said how dearly i paid. The pain i faced for loving, the hurt i endured for caring, the loss i faced for sharing. Beaten, disgraced, betrayed, framed, tamed. I became "THE DEFAMED"

Dear Genie, Its been a long and tiring journey. I feel lost and alone...worse, lonely. I need you badly. I'm sacred to dare to dream again, afraid. I feel broken, worse, shattered. All i loved and trusted have betrayed me. Even your God seems silent. I feel like "THE ABANDONED"

Arise again o Genie...arise i pray thee. Let your energy course through me again i pray thee. Not through some external stimulant as before, but as an inane genius within.
Come as a hurricane and tear apart my fears. Build again my fort, and cut my losses short.
I've still got one thing though the music which you birthed God's gift to us back then. I have fed it nurtured it, and now it crawls and calls me "THE FATHER"

Desperate times calls for desperate letters.
GENIE Jul 2021
My phone almost crash
But even if it crashes, it gets back up
Let's get back up, More than we used to
I feel like am dying
Is not like am afraid of death
You're worth going to hell for
But then my only dying wish will be,
To die, smiling in your arms
Grant this dying man one last wish
Cos only then will I rise, a champion in paradise
Champions In Paradise
Champions In Paradise
Champions In Paradise
  May 2021 GENIE
CA Jane
my heart stops in RED
but I want to keep going
the YELLOW lets me think
but I chose to gamble
GREEN stood out bright
but surely what’s
left wasn’t mine
to take.
GENIE May 2021
Darkness, A slight headache.
I opened my eyes, More darkness.
Last I remembered was drinking merrily
From the cup you offered
I trusted you, and the friendship you offered
And it's got me LOST.
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