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Eric Angels Jul 12
When your eyes lie
And your mouth tells the truth,

I will believe you don't love me anymore

But until then, I stay
Eric Angels Jul 12
When my blood runs cold
Be it when I'm young, or old
I will be brave when I die
Eric Angels Jun 28
When you see her today,
Remember to tell her that she's beautiful,
That you love her
and that you will never stop missing her.
Mercy Kabi
Eric Angels Jun 28
Let her see you vulnerable,
And she will be the strength you need

Let her see your dark side,
That part of you that you have always kept hidden from her,
And she will be the light that you have been missing.

Let her see you cry,
And she will become your everlasting source of joy

Let her see you when you are broken,
And she will build you up again even better than you were

Stop being scared and let her in,
Love her better, truly...
You know she deserves no less.
Mercy Kabi
Eric Angels Jun 28
When you doubt you are beautiful,
Just turn to the mirror,and repeat these words
"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all"
And then say your name out loud.
You are the snow white in your own story.
Eric Angels Jun 21
You, yes you..
I wanna share a secret with you,

Eric Angels Jun 21
Do not turn your face away from me
Notice me.
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