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Àŧùl Jul 2020
1857 was some years older,
Bhaaratvarsh was still a slave.

No Hïnđū king after Śïvājī had been bolder,
None dared guerrilla attacks from a mountain cave.

No Hïnđū queen after Läkšmībāī was braver,
None consumed the patriotism wine agave.

Mughal or howsoever other tyrannical kings were,
The Colonial Age was worse and it was a blur.

Bhāräŧ knows how to make things better,
And I am sure about this administrator.

Mōđī Jī is as focused as a recluse,
And Yōgī Jī tolerates not a traitor.

Shāh Jī is the best strategist,
And the team is just perfect.

Smřŧï auntie is the best counsellor,
An example she is of the pink power.

Rājnāŧh Jī is the best caretaker,
Wise old man for the nation.

Doctor Härśvärđhän is now elevated,
He heads the World Health Organization.

Coronavirus and its disease, COVID19,
Originated in MainlandChina.

Extinction, it is threatening,
Now we all turn to Hïnđū values.

Sänāŧän Đhärmä is very scientific,
The blind faith belongs to aggressors.

The oldest **** sapiens sapiens,
In Jharkhand state, you will find its remains.

They say that history repeats itself,
Rām Rājyä beckons once again.
A tribute to the great Government of India.
We elected a good set of administrators.
Now have faith in Narendra Modi Ji and his handling of the COVID19 pandemic crisis.

My HP Poem #1867
©Atul Kaushal
Did I say what they said I said
Some I said, not all
If I said the things I'd said
I'd have no time to play ball

I said some things I think I said
Some things came right from me
Some things I said, I wished I said
But those things, let them be

I said some things I said I saw
Some say I didn't say
Some things I saw, I didn't see
I just looked the other way

Some things I said I didn't say
I know, because it's true
I said some things I said I saw
The choice is up to you

There's things I said, that people like
Those things, I know I spoke
The other things I didn't say
Were just written as a joke

If I said the things I said
And you like them, say them too
But the things they said, I didn't say
Some are old, but most are new

I know I didn't say as much
As people said I said
There's more from me, I didn't say
At least that's what I've read

So, sue me if I say I say
Some things I said, but heard
I know it wasn't me that said
I don't know all those words

So, if I said the things I said
Instead of going out to play
I ask you now, to tell me please
Exactly, What'd I say
nif Apr 2020
off I go
out of my mind
into my soul

movement mentality
I flow
the only thing I truly know
the body grows

contracting and relaxing
I feel everything

if something is off
it will show
off I go
because I know
how to grow

plant the seed
leave be
till pressure is released

a painful expierence
of importance will commence
I promise

slow &  flow
yogi thoughts during playtime :)
happycoollove Nov 2019
in stillness
such bliss
takes me higher
asanas and breath
open up a path
to the heart
of the divine
away from
the thinking mind
to the light
how sweet it is
such bliss
in stillness
this poem is dedicated to all of my yogi fellows out there: namaste. may your yoga journey take you higher.
JV Beaupre May 2019
The bongo drums of his thought carrom across the cosmos,
revenanting across the dawn with nodules of coltan from beyond.
A clear channel for reading the universe:
"When you come to a fork in the road, take it."
"Thank you for making this day necessary."
"It's déjà vu all over again."
"You can observe a lot by watching."
“Ninety percent of the game is half mental.”
“Pair up in threes.”

The smell of a quantum of disconnect,
the taste of the magenta of non-sequitur,
the  sight of logic colliding with chaos,
the touch of an insightful short-circuit,
the music of senseless syntax that says it all.

Coinciluckily, the saving grace: "I really didn't say everything I said."
"Always go to other people's funerals; otherwise they won't go to yours."
Who else would say, “You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might not get there.”
Que sera, sera - "It ain't over till it's over."
In remembrance of Yogi Berra, American League catcher for 19 seasons, 3 times MVP, 10 World Series, Hall of Fame and arguably the best baseball catcher ever. But perhaps best known for his demands on the English language.
Badshah Khan Mar 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) - 76

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Either you or me what ever I call,
you merged as one as Maha Kaal,
You are fierce and most Powerful.

You are undoubtedly Maha (Mahat)
and I am naturally a Kaal,
with your transmutation I become Maha Kaal!

You are Aadhi and I am Yogi
Merged as Aadhi Yogi

I am in you and you are in me
You are rightfully Bhairav and
I am universally Kaal, Together;
We developed as Kaal Bhairav.

I become the effective weapon of necessary destruction.
Until Adhi exist in kaal, I will typically last as Maha kaal of my own time.

Sambho Hara hara Maha Shankhara'
Maha Kaal Bhairavam Bajey!

Allah Khair..... Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab - Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2019
मधुवन, आसमा , पर्वत, सागर
खुस कहाँ हे सारी दुनीया
जोगी हे मगर हे मनका व धनी
हेगा न कोइ उसका जैसा
जोगी बनके लो दिखादो —२
मे करु तुम्हे सलामी

ज्ञान होके नही सिखाया
बन न सका मे ज्ञानी
लगाके चन्दन रखा  फिर दाह«ी
पर बन नसका मे जोगी
जोगी बनके लो दिखादो
मे करु तुम्हे सलामी  

चाहत अनेक बाकी हे अभी
रहेने न सका मे भोगी
शान्ति नही मनहे चनचल
ध्यान नही मेरे  बसमे
जेगी बनके लो दिखादो
मे करु तम्हे सलामी

भूखका आँगसे पेटहो खाली
आज बनगया मे भिखारी
पर बन  न सका मे जोगी —२
जोगी बनके लो  दिखादो
मे करु तुम्हे सलामी
लगाके चन्दन, रखा फिर दाह«ी
पर बन न सका मे जोगी

बन न सका मे जोगी —३
Genre: Observational Gazal
Theme: Unattached || Free spirit
TJ Feb 2019
You can find me running
From one emotion to another
Feet twitching the moment I stop
I try to gather my thoughts
What have I done, What will I do
My head pounding I can barely stand
Attempting to keep moving forward
Desperate to find some peace
… … …
You will find me
Quietly, forcing myself still
Patience as my bones begin to ache
Slowing my manic heart
Letting go of the ropes that pulled me
Feeling my feet, firm on the ground
Grateful to have found some peace
I am here now
thehiddenwriter Oct 2016
You'll never have anything in life
you don't respect,
including love , money or whatever you want .
Prana Moonshine May 2015
Exuberant he is!
That’s a Yogi with character!

Smiling, treat wallah.
Pyramid quartz.
Dangling sparkles.
Sunlight reflects
His teeth softly open to the world.
Taste buds willing
Simple yet refined
Yogi Yum Yums
Spreading the thunderous joy
Of pure delight!
He gives permission to say “GOD”
He sits.
When no one is around
In the hall where Shiva dances to his music.
Pulsing the instrument
Harmonium glimmering with song.
Goggles on, ready and shimmering
He booms a great confidence,
The resounding sound:

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