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happycoollove Nov 2019
beyond the judge
beyond all concepts
beyond your war
beyond all mishaps

beyond each label
beyond the critique
beyond your fear
beyond all defeat

beyond your good
beyond the bad
beyond all happy
beyond the sad

that’s where i’ll be ‘cause
that’s where we’re free
that’s where there’s peace
that’s where words cease

that’s when we’ll see
who we are clearly
for the very first time
a poem inspired by me being a student of a course in miracles
happycoollove Nov 2019
in stillness
such bliss
takes me higher
asanas and breath
open up a path
to the heart
of the divine
away from
the thinking mind
to the light
how sweet it is
such bliss
in stillness
this poem is dedicated to all of my yogi fellows out there: namaste. may your yoga journey take you higher.
happycoollove Oct 2019
i have a tim burton tree
growing inside of me
i nourish it with the cacophony of the mind
that relentlessly
speaks to me about my inadequacy

the stronger the tree the weaker i feel
no will power left to undo the theft
the black branches have committed
they were found guilty
of hijacking my presence
my higher self, my essence

the real me retreated
without putting up a fight
was it because it knew
i was not even worth the try
alone in the dark, i looked for the light
but still, cannot even find a spark

nothing else to do
but to water the plant
and the hope
that maybe one day i’ll understand
what could, should, or might be
without this darkness taking over me
I wrote this in 2010 to cope with the loss of my father.
happycoollove Oct 2019
God take over
i’m out of words
God come forth
it really hurts

God be there
to soothe my heart
God be kind
for i am scared

stay with me
i want to see
show me how
it differently
This poem is inspired by me reading A Course in Miracles, so it might seems prayer-like.

— The End —