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thehiddenwriter Apr 2018
Sometimes life changes so fast
like a chemical reaction and sometimes
so slow like a cloud in a windless sky,

Sometimes it takes over you like an eclipse
and sometimes it becomes clear like a glass,

Sometimes it gives you so much that you end up
losing or breaking things and sometimes it gives you
so less that you understand to value even the smallest,
tiniest things in life.

Sometimes it is just so predictable like a straight road
and sometimes it’s so random like the twisted and
curled up like the mountain ranges.
Just a simple realisation and experience of life that I feel , is it just me or you too ??
thehiddenwriter Jan 2018
I was standing somewhere alone,
watching things come and go,
listening to the noises and voices around me,
that moment was constant,
as nothing felt different,
no person or thing made me hold my breath a moment longer,

but then you came,
like a wind,
which turned into storm,
and somehow
you cancelled all the loud noises,
you blurred all the excessive frames,
it was as if you hacked my mind and
made me focus my everything on you.

I don’t know what happened in that moment
but it was different,
and for me
love is something different
something that mesmerizes you,
amazes you, and something that you hold onto.
January 9 2018 almost 2 pm and
I am writing this somewhere in the corner
thehiddenwriter Jan 2018
There are things about you
I want to understand,
but just cannot,
and there are things about you
that I understand
without understanding.

You are to me
what a rain is to a dry land,
what a fragrance is to a flower,
what a moon is to a dark sky,
do they ever get bored
of your repeating appearances,
in fact that one night
when the moon decides to sleep,
the sky feels so lonely, as if
it has lost its core.

And I am like that sky
I always want you,
no matter what shades or shapes you grow into,
because never once I tried too understand you,
but rather I always tried to feel you, a moment more.
I wrote this poem while writing an answer for quora. I just took a deep breathe and that is what I exhaled.
thehiddenwriter Feb 2017
Love is glamorous ,
Love is alluring,
Love is beautiful,
Love is attractive,
Love is elegant,
Love is stylish,
Love is charming,
Love is charismatic,
Love is fascinating,
Love is intriguing,
Love is enchanting,
Love is irresistible,
Love is seductive,
Love is lovely.
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thehiddenwriter Jan 2017
I don’t cry ,
    I don’t laugh,
I don’t feel ,
  I don’t love ,
I don’t live ,
       I don’t change ,
           I don’t but I will .
I will someday without a doubt
thehiddenwriter Jan 2017
So finally I have found you ,
just a like a dawn to it’s dew,
I don’t know where do you live or
what you do ,
but I have hopes that together in life we’ll glue .

You have came just when the movie has started ,
so you never would miss a scene or gleans ,
you’ll know me all someday and
if it seem worthy , maybe just stay .

I don’t ask for much
but just a soul’s touch ,
I promise I won’t try to clutch
rather I would I be glad I came across you in this lively search .

These letters that no one else will ever read
I hope you will with creed ,
be free and welcome to this unusual breed,
Together we are planting a seed .
This poem was originally a on spot written poem I wrote for the people that are subscribed to my poetry newsletter .  It was kinda based on idea that thank you for tuning in and I hope we just grow together here and along in life . The poem name was seed because I felt that I was developing and nurturing something .  I hope you enjoy reading this and make sure you leave  a feedback it's the best thing to read and if you would like to receive a letter just message me .
thehiddenwriter Dec 2016
Christmas has come ,
another year has passed and
another is yet to come ,
things have been lost and
things are yet to come but , who knows
what in life will be done .
5 days you have to pack your past ,
leave all the burdens and sorrows
and yet a different light cast .
Pray a little not to God but yourself
for you deserve not the better but the best ,
Believe and have a little faith in life
and eventually everything will fall in line.
Wishing you a very merry Christmas ! ❤
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