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eli Dec 2019

its ok
Anmol Mago Nov 2019
There are times
When I haven't
got anything
to say
yet my soul
feels like yelling
livianna Oct 2019
I want you
to set your throat ablaze
and yell as loud as you can.

you are
to be angry.

I want you
to sing
as we burn
our                                               problems
to ashes.
As a human, it is instinct to be kind. However, you can get loud. Get mad.
m h John Jun 2019
day by day
i lie awake,  
sometimes i pray
for a day where you and i
could reconcile
and everything could be okay
and we wouldn’t be stuck
in this black hole
with no moons and no stars.
i know god can hear me
yelling and screaming
asking for peace,
but how could my peace increase
when my peace no longer lives
within me
peace lives within
Twaffle Jun 2019
Shattered glass, endless scream,
taunting curses and horrifying dreams.
The little girl stares, her dead and clouded eyes
directed to the two arguing figures, spitting truth and lies.

She hugged her stuffed toy, as tight as she could
as she glance at the table served with cold food.
Where did it go?...she wondered,
the loving parents that held both of her hands.

Daddy, the most respectful man she knew,
was now hitting her mother, punching and kicking was now nothing new.
Mommy, the most warm and caring person she have known,
was now spouting bad words at her, with her cold eyes she've shown.

Was it worth it? To argue and yell in front of your child?
To let them see this kind of nightmare that will hunt them for life.
Fighting won't resolve anything, and spitting random curses of words will just destroy 'everything'.

Now tell me, was it worth it?
Many children have been victims of this kind of environment, and unfortunately some of them have strayed to a path they've never wanted to go through.
Peter Balkus Jun 2019
The sky
yells at me,
I don't yell at the sky.

I used to, a lot.
But at some point
I stopped.

I shut my mouth,
I wiped my tears,
I got up
from the ground,
from my knees,
I looked up
and smiled.

No more yelling,
no more yelling
at the sky.
Inside my mind
you'll hear me scream
                                                 Will you be the one to break the silence
Or the next name that I shall yell?
Mya May 2019
I need to warn him
that he is in danger
I need to tell him to run
far away

I run as fast as I can to the place
                                                                   he is late
                                                                he has a calm face
                                                      something definitely happened
all I know is I need to help

               once again we argue
      no one winning
we yell out how we feel

                                                   but he just holds up his gun to me
                                        he says he will deal with his own conflicts

I can't do anything
but I have to

                                                 he holds the gun to his own head

I yell his name


I stare at his body


tears roll down
and all I do is just stare at him
I can't do anything anymore
my brother, he is gone
I got my inspiration from a show that I recently watched. This show moved me to tears. I cry for a while even after I finished it. And it was this scene that I would think about and cry all over again.
Erian Rose Apr 2019
If I could tell you how much
You make my heart pound each day
I would lose sight of the Earth
You blinded me
From who I could be
Rae Dec 2018
I don't know what to think about you,
When I see you I feel love and fear,
When I was broken, you were there.
When I needed someone, it was you.
I am in love with you,
It's scary to say.
More and more each passing day, I love you.
You make me forget my troubles and fears,
Being with you is like every dream come true,
But there's something you don't realize,
I'm broken.
I don't want to hurt you too.
Please let me go before it's too late.
Don't say you'll fight for me,
Love shouldn't mean pain.
Find a girl with sunshine in her eyes,
Not poison in her veins.
I'm sorry.
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