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Twaffle Mar 2020
Happy 'hi's, bitter 'goodbyes'
One wrong move,
And just like that
You're gone, along with your promises
Twaffle Feb 2020
Millions of thoughts, running through my head
Countless tears, these eyes have shed,
Lingering regret hunting my dream,
Taunting nightmares, can you hear my scream?

Millions of words that I want to say
But this mouth of mine, still chooses to shut up
Closing my doors, because no one will stay
Hoping, and waiting, I wish this side of mine would just stop.
Twaffle Jul 2019
It hurts, every time I hide the fact that I still like you.
It hurts how my heart is still hoping for that chance,
and it hurts that I know you only talk to me when she can't.
Twaffle Jul 2019
Every drop of one's tears,
contain thousands of emotions.
Left dried up by one's pillow every night,
lips that are bitten so sobs won't come out.
Just so no one will hear,
that something is wrong.

Swallowed by one's own swirling emotions,
is like being drowned to the deepest part,
making you unable to cry out for help,
and all you can do is cry and cry and cry.
Twaffle Jul 2019
In this kingdom of solitude,
imagination comforts me.
Twaffle Jun 2019
Shattered glass, endless scream,
taunting curses and horrifying dreams.
The little girl stares, her dead and clouded eyes
directed to the two arguing figures, spitting truth and lies.

She hugged her stuffed toy, as tight as she could
as she glance at the table served with cold food.
Where did it go?...she wondered,
the loving parents that held both of her hands.

Daddy, the most respectful man she knew,
was now hitting her mother, punching and kicking was now nothing new.
Mommy, the most warm and caring person she have known,
was now spouting bad words at her, with her cold eyes she've shown.

Was it worth it? To argue and yell in front of your child?
To let them see this kind of nightmare that will hunt them for life.
Fighting won't resolve anything, and spitting random curses of words will just destroy 'everything'.

Now tell me, was it worth it?
Many children have been victims of this kind of environment, and unfortunately some of them have strayed to a path they've never wanted to go through.
Twaffle May 2019
When you told me to let go,
it made me want to hold on to you more than I've ever had.
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