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livianna Oct 2020
I can't be mad at him
because I know
how he holds his shield
and pretends
my open arms are a declaration of war.
he fears turning back into the thorn crown
that I once wore upon my head.
I'm not able to be mad at him
livianna Oct 2020
I'm not able to be mad at him
because I know
that he wears thorn bracelets every night.
and runs out of my line of sight.
he'll rue the day
but is the sun
for there's a war
that I've already won.
livianna Oct 2020
the flame fills your lungs.
and you feel nothing but power
your fears are charred away
and when you exhale,
people cower in fear.
livianna Jul 2020
step down and let their tears fall
they will water the garden
and feed the people
for you have deprived them of the feeling for so long.
livianna Jul 2020
I wish the sun would set again.
I haven't gotten a good rest in what feels like slow, burning decades.
All because the sun shines into my room
my mesh curtains won't block him out
so I lay dormant
and as I lie, I think
'did the sun ever love me?'
He was bright and stood taller than my short frame ever could.
He made me promise not to leave
but he danced with the moon at night.
I have tried everything to block the sun out,
but he refuses to set.
The trickles of light haunt my every move.
He marks where I'd fall down dead with my shadow.
He follows me even when I change in the bathroom.
I wish the sun would set again.
Simply so I can forget he ever existed.
I used to write poems for my ex, so have an updated one.
livianna Jul 2020
I hang dried flowers on the wall in my room.
I have nothing better to do.
I feel like a ghost as a walk to the wall.
I tape the flowers up with bits of my heart.
Together, my flowers and my heart wilt.
I hang dried flowers on the wall in my room.
livianna Jun 2020
The sun kisses our gentle foreheads.
She tells us it's ok.
She tells us it"s fine.
She raised us strong enough to get through this.
Listen to her.
She is waiting for you.
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