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undermyfeet Oct 20
I am being asked for a bio
a short one, perhaps, considering
my fleeting days

what is a nice way to put
my life has not started yet
and that all my dreams and demons
are still locked inside my closets?

and as I walked off the high school
a hell with company, a heaven without wishes
everything translated into fears

but an abundance of sparks, could-bes,
and a ground for love

I felt dead in a moment
alive in the next.

I had to end on a positive note
For I am returning
tomorrow morning.
undermyfeet Oct 16
I would like to look at the moon until it reflects your face
I would like to die, and sit calmly for you to join me
I would like to be dramatic and be sad and be mad
And I would like, above all, for you to love me.
undermyfeet Oct 2
pinpricks of light
sad, right, 3am, night
told my mother
well, lied, actually
don't be a bother
comma splices
for thoughts, instead
a mess for a head
and sometime, soon, dead.
undermyfeet Sep 17
He's looking
Move, why don't you
you're ruining my view
with that plaid shirt
belly pushed out
absolutely disgusting smile
I can't look away
undermyfeet Sep 9
I waited for you by the swing
The oldest among the young
And I think
I am ashamed of my youth

My feet covered the clouds
All the way up, eyes closed
wrangling hands
This is what freedom means

Being mortified
Chasing it nonetheless
Shutting out the world
Pinpointing it to my feet
undermyfeet Sep 7
I live
for the silence
in the wild

the order
amidst the chaos
a beat of truth

when everyone
knows something
about life

it's brittle
but warm
undermyfeet Sep 7
I am in stitches
watching these *******
laughing at my bruises

my life has been
at clowns
at men

no longer
can I differ
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