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Madame Vai Apr 2022
This hatred
soaks into my bones.

Bouquets of plastic flowers
The smell of cigarettes
and used rubbers
saturate my senses

A sweet kiss
a deluge of poison
armistice broken
for selfish desire

This drought
this doubt
this never ending fear
it grinds against my soul

Do you even know me?
Am I even here?
Crashing into bars
of a gilded cage

The bird with clipped wings
A song of melancholy
lingers in the air
Still I think of an old habit, that I had once made to inhabit, it developed quick as a rabbit.
                              With how fast the crimson would flood, with mountain of tissues soaked in blood, as my body is tossed in the mud.
                                       In all honesty I still miss the rush, the gush,
                                                  That silent shush.
        But I'll keep my word,
Though i might be a flightless bird,
    I can still be beautiful even with the scars, is that so absurd?
Colm Apr 2019
I knew that I was not a bird
I knew it when I fell and I
A wingless thing
An ageless life
Angelless on this ended line
Known to me no bird was I
Long before I couldn't fly
Flightless Sentiments
Matthew Vargas Sep 2017
They've clipped my wings, darling
I want to soar through the heavens
And land in your arms
Like old times
But I'm earth bound and alone
Miles away from your love
I'll find a way,
No matter the cost.
No matter the length.
Even if it takes me a millennia,
I'll find my way back to you,
my love.
Listening to I love you so by the Walters and in my feels ****
JDK Sep 2015
The piece that fits the hole.
The air that fills the gaps in my soul -
Pressed against the vacuous space that pulls gravity towards sorrow.  

What if I told you that my bones are hollow,
Because how else could I fly?
Blow beneath these feathered wings -
Lift me high above tomorrow.

I swear we'll never die.
Shared skies soared through time.
Have I found you?
Starless sky
Or have I lost you?
Stolen charity

Steel skeleteons
Burning through the dust
Silver has lost its worth
Lustful heap
Hurting bleak
Always wanting teeth
For that reasoned skin
A night bending on my knees
I'm waiting for her to come back
The sea is spinning on summer eve
Two small blue jars around my neck
Holding your street-light eyes
And his quick wits grounded
Lonely small-town fires
Have I found you?
Chain the sound of your name on my wrists
Or have I lost you?
He's sore but warm.
Leave me out here drenched in hope
It's just your bones your made of.

*Oh you love him with all of your body
Oh that's alright with me.
For LycanTheThrope
Silence Screamz Mar 2015
Grab the breathless butterfly
as my heart sinks in
Swallowed by the swift net of desire,
wings snipped, flightless life
Jo Jan 2015
i cannot fly
for i am lost,
in a world i do not know
and have yet to understand.
emotions are trapped deep in my throat,
caught in my chest,
intangible wisps of half-formed words,
bent and misshapen,
thrown together like mismatched furniture,
never with the intention of being articulated.
we are souls on the verge of being,
but not quite enough
to be.
walls hover above my head
closing in,
as stones crumble beneath my feet,
rocks tumbling,
into a fissure of emptiness below.
in isolation
i fall,
before the earth shatters
into millions of pieces
of other broken souls,
and we carry each other
as burdens on our backs
even though we are all damaged,
the earth is 7 billion humans long,
the circumference composed of pain, suffering, healing;
souls piled on top of souls,
and we are caught,
caged into a life we didn't agree to live.
we did not sign a waiver in the last moments before our conception,
or in the delivery room,
or when our faces were first greeted by the sun as infants,
we never had a chance to cease to exist altogether.
my wings are clipped short,
and i do not know how to fly--
i'm thrashing against the sides of my cage,
my songs of joy becoming tears of sorrow,
of desperation and faltering hopes.
i'm bursting at the seams
that were hastily sewn by others,
people i hardly know.
they patch each incision with torn bandages,
that come undone with each breath i take,
only to be mended again.
we are fighting to save ourselves
whilst wrestling with the darkest creatures that only ever existed in our childhoods,
our youth being a fleeting memory,
scattered by the wind.
it has become a mindless struggle
as they pull you
binding your wrists behind your back,
as you stumble
helpless to catch even yourself,
let alone anyone else.
for how can you escape from the darkness
when you cannot fly?
and how can you fly,
when you do not even know where the sky is?

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