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Dear, patient, bitten tongue;
sole reminder of blood in my veins
that I may not do as I wish with
    as it would only go to waste.
new tactic: i figure if i leave this up too long, i'll grow embarrassed and HAVE to finish it. results subject to time. :) if it ironically makes the homepage when nothing else of mine does, please bear with me; the bar's typically higher than this! i hope!!
cleobug Apr 2017
I am wilting from the pressure 
it's been so long since I felt pleasure 

I'm trying to find the positive 
to feel the sunshine on my skin
but the storm clouds they won't leave me 
there's too much darkness deep within

I never saw myself as a flower 
but I can still feel myself wilting 
(so it must be true)
cleobug Dec 2020
why cant i forget you
i thought i’d finally put you out of my mind
i don't love you anymore
i wish i could leave your memory behind

i think about you more than i’d like to admit

when will i stop dreaming of you?

will i be homesick forever?
cleobug Dec 2020
she'd found a reason to keep going
for the meantime anyways
but the months are ticking by
and I think she's lost her way

see, her eyes they've stopped a-sparkling
and her skin is growing pale
she walks around half cloaked in smoke
and reeking of cheap ale


she met a boy
who did her wrong
she doesn’t know
how she’ll go on
without him, there’s something lost
but how can you lose what never was?
some super old writing of mine o.o
cleobug Dec 2020
there's a ghost in the basement
who comes out when it's raining

i don’t know what he wants
but i don’t want him to go

i find comfort in the hauntings
and i hate to admit this

but i think i’m more afraid
of being alone
cleobug Dec 2020
do you ever get depressed
not knowing what’s coming next
not able to undo the past
despite your efforts the good won’t last

smoking every day making my life hazy
cuffed in place with these chains of daisies

folding playing cards when i didn’t used to
it’s the little things that make me miss you
more old writing :3
cleobug Dec 2020
got all these voices in my head
and monsters in my bed
and memories of words and things
i can't recall i said
Jade C Nov 2020
betwixt and between
girl and boy and woman and person

suspended in a web of myself
queer rebel
unable to distinguish the lines
that separate me from Her and Them

dancing in an eclipse
a lapse in time
a sphere between night and day
They/ She is illuminated by pure
but still projected against deep
bottomless darkness

purple liquid
a porous entity that penetrates
and breaks
binary being

non binary
or, as I rather like to think of it
complete and overflowing even
not a fraction of a person
an angel in human skin

a series of complex, spiraling
galaxies pouring from my lips
as I break the chains of She
dispose the gaze of He

finally confident enough
as star woman
ocean god
queer siren
to sit in the thrown of Me
a work in progress, still playing with these ancient concepts of gender and my lucid experience of self
I don’t know the names of your children and can’t recall your husband’s face outside of the fact that he has a square jaw and like me he is not classically beautiful
My tongue remembers the spaces between each of your teeth and the distance between your breast and navel is near that of your earlobe and collar bone
Please forgive me for never being able to imagine you conventional a woman who keeps house and walks a family dog before putting kids to bed
I remember the heat of your fingertips and your eyes unblinking wild that summer we jumped fences to explore the intimacy of our friendship
I saw your skin glistening under water moon-drenched and held the small of your back in my palm my heartbeat felt in every part of me
Lips stained mouthfuls of dirt cheap wine sediment on our tongues swirling toward the bottom as we pulled air from each other’s lungs
WIP - would love feedback
Ash C Dec 2019
He's there
Reaching that hand out
In disguise of a fellow man

Grabbing you into his world
Shinning that smile
That hides his cynicals

His eyes full of wonder in the person you are
His lies locked behind what seemed to be truth in those gems of irises
Longing in a sickening desire

Love burns you alive from what seeps from him
Painless, numbed by the blindness of love
He holds you like you've never had before

He's there
Glimmering shards of white lights
The pits of fire in those wonderment of eyes
Vemon seep from the tounge.
I found this in my files, having no remembrance of writing it, but it was in my files, so I guess i wrote it. Never finished it. Not even sure what i was really going for besides a man who lies behind perfection.
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