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frog 3d
my cat sits in the windowsill often.
i wonder what she thinks about
while laying in the light
of the setting sun

does she dream?
does she think about me?

when my cat sits in the windowsill
i appreciate how pretty she is
with her black and white fur
and yellow eyes

i like it when she gets distracted
by tiny things
like birds or flies
or the neighbours cat

if i were a cat in a windowsill
i think i would be at peace
Lyn-Purcell Dec 2020

Flame tongues ravages wood,
licking till its black splints
A mug of cocoa caresses my palms
and my lap became a coaster
Every sip leaves me feeling toasty
My forehead rests upon the glass
console by Frost's lips

Jack's designs were of floral mandalas
Soft as clouds, gentle flakes
Each made with love for no design ever the same
I admire as they rain,
I imagine that they whisper secrets as they fall
Giggling so softly yet as pure as a baby's laugh
Coating all that is viridian in a shawl of white

Cool yet so crisp
Beckoning for all to come out in a rush
For snowmen to be built, for snowballs to take flight
We would never feel your cold touch because
the warmth you give keeps us as one

Seeping down to our laughs,
You keep us close to our inner child
Nostalgia rests upon my lips
And greater still
Are these tender moments of unity
Upon my window sill

Getting into the festive spirit is easier said than done
And understandably so with 2020.
Just something I wrote while on my window sill.
It's rather cold, but I'm warmed by just letting my imagination run wild and thinking back to the days where I would just stare at the window and look at the undisturbed snow.
Something about seeing a fresh coat of snow leaves me so mesmerised.
Any who, I wish all of my fellow poets from all over the world a lovely Christmas. May you all stay safe and well!
I think I'm going to keep staring at my quiet neighbourhood for a while and wait for the stars to appear.
Be safe out there all.
Much love and air hugs,
Lyn x
Ray Dunn Apr 2019
break me—
as much as you will.
so long as I
will always still
drift away
off my window sill.
my life of joy,
I shall wait until...
Idk if I like the all lowercase vibes also I’m a wreck ****. Anyone else watch Brooklyn 99?
Colm Mar 2019
Wisps of steam
Arise from dead leaves
To grace the presence of my windowsill
And the snow
How it blows and falls between
My future and me
But in the immediate reality of me
Is tea
Steaming Tea On A Windowsill
Silverflame Oct 2018
The porcelain bird flew so very high
until its neck encountered with the ground.
From the windowsill to the edge of night
it died alone; with no one else around.
A Lofi Cherry Apr 2018

Today I said words that didn’t mean what I wanted him to hear
I have a lot of short things like this. Should I just post them all?
K Balachandran Sep 2017
on windowsill rain
drums,makes memories march on
hooting, jubilant
Colm Mar 2017
That moment by a windowsill when you're looking through a shade

At a different world outside yourself and yet inside remains the same

Do not wonder about what could've been or worry about the other way

Instead let time and seasons pass, good memories come, and bad memories fade away
The longer I look, the more I remember.
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