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annh May 5
I may never reach boiling point but at least I'm steaming.
‘Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.’
- Tim Fargo
Seanathon Sep 5
It's a simple smile
Softly over a small cup
Of steaming coffee
Which cries almost quietly
"Joy alive in crinkled eyes"
Happiness is overrated. But Joyfulness through faith, cannot enough be exaggerated.

Perhaps a verbal self-portrait of sorts. Lolz.
Seanathon Mar 8
Wisps of steam
Arise from dead leaves
To grace the presence of my windowsill
And the snow
How it blows and falls between
My future and me
But in the immediate reality of me
Is tea
Steaming Tea On A Windowsill
SassyJ Jan 2016
Yesterday across the veil I stared at your bareness
I glanced as we flew, we steamed and rose
Arousing the inner core of the lighted glow
The cord furled throughout in, over and within
The chords echoed in deepening tuned vocals
I stretched my all to touch, to feel, to sense,to see
To press for the unreachable, caress the invisible
Your essence so tangible, irrefutably irresistible
A certainty beyond doubt,above the unknown
A seal of zeal as your pulse still beats in mine
A heart paraded to hold,seasoned for your palate
My sovereign keep raining in the depths of my shore
My essence , the unseen but ever felt!

— The End —