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A Lofi Cherry Jun 2018
Forget me not
   Forget me not
I’ve heard something whisper that into my heart.
              I have.       I    remember
promising to...        
But I don’t even know what address to send my apology  
Maybe I used to.
Maybe it was something I treasured.
A weathered forever now leftover wants to remember .
Let's talk more often.
A Lofi Cherry Jun 2018
There are somethings there that you don’t actually feel,
and there are some things you feel that
aren’t actually there
It’s to any’s curiosity
that Ive lost my grip
on reality’s terminology

what does the word real mean? Your thoughts aren't  a thing but a concept, but we consider them real. They really happened.
Then... Is all concepted real? What if something's not physically real but i believe it's real?
Who can then tell me it's not reality.
My physical self is a trap,  physicality another bind. Your senses  make you think this sensory  world is all there is.
The places my mind goes are real to me.
feelings , the  hands  that hold up the pathways my heart wanders upon;  and thoughts the boat  my mind uses float in a vastness.
A dot in the middle of it all is consciousness, an existing  that means so much Less.
And  I no longer consider reality, my reality.
A Lofi Cherry May 2018
For example
There's ample
Time to find what youre looking for
What are you looking for?
You need more?
Pour your heart out onto this
Its startling how we're starting from
Page 1
Being again let's begin again
A one minute quick write from English class with the prompt "for example"
A Lofi Cherry Apr 2018

Today I said words that didn’t mean what I wanted him to hear
I have a lot of short things like this. Should I just post them all?
A Lofi Cherry Apr 2018
He turned to the ornate seraph of a human, her whole life ahead of her.
"What do you want?"
"The sun the moon and the stars." She replied.  
"My child," life said while patting her head. "I cannot give everyone all the sun, all the moon, and all the stars."
She is all these things, a mind like  bottled eternity and a Hand full of ideation. But in return feeble things like the state of her human life suffers. Choices must be made, not everyone can have all the sun, all the moon, and all the stars.
A Lofi Cherry Apr 2018
It was the sky’s turn to switch palettes of colour. Though he forgot how, and they overflowed.  
Excited for the marscarade ball sky decided to hold.
Colours danced epotic like that never told.
A cream white river sliced in half.
Azure heard thistle laugh.  
But I blinked and the ball had settled to black.
Twilight again.
I saw a sunset and... ☼ a story unfolded before me.
I just had to trap it in ink and paper and language. Azurite and thistle are two characters based on the blue and purple colours with their names. I’m thinking of writing something with azurite and thistle again soon.
A Lofi Cherry Apr 2018
It wont always be like this. It wont. And it will be all over your hands and it wont be like this.

— The End —