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Amanda Feb 2018
I love you in shades of orange and red
Passion burning like a flame
In my heart a wildfire spreads
Impossible to tame
I felt like writing something short and sweet.
LolaPark Dec 2017
I want to be like Wild Fire
carried by wind, spreading further
enter your thoughts and leave desire
until the heat takes your body over.

I want to be like Wild Fire,
changing my mood with the weather
make your heart beat three times faster
I want to be like Wild Fire.
Anomaly Dec 2017
To the great observers
He is mister bright fellow
His nature is to be with nature
Showing his vibrant shades of warm
Many would say he is yellow

But his fuel is to steal oxygen
His habit is to leave the floor charcoal
And make the trees blame themselves for the ash

He comes and goes so quick
That only the one that suffered would know of his acts.
Jaycee Oct 2017
you remind me of a certain someone,
someone who i was close to like no other,
who caused me so much pain and stress.
exhaustion is a mess and I won't do that to myself again.
why would i put myself in a situation that i've been through before? i won't do it, not when i've already met the end of this road in my past. the road surrounded with wildfires, i barely made it through.
Laurel Leaves Aug 2017
Blurry city streets seem to call your name
I forgot how to exist when I no longer love you

As years weigh tightly on my spine
I creep through the monotonous state
no longer hungry
slurring speech
Towards the impending luxury
Where he keeps my arms pinned down
On the dying grass
People watching
The adrenaline never seems to last

Their eyes gaze in our direction
As I bite into his shoulder
As I squirm
Friday night’s celebrations
wrap tightly
I can taste the whiskey
But it doesn’t bubble inside me
It lures him towards the smoky bars
Where I cower above him

I ache
My anger bubbles in moments where
I’m screaming as the
Car window opens
As I drive away from the emergency room
Soap still slipping through my wet hair
Could I find meaning in this existence
Where you don’t reside alongside me
Whispering in my ear
I used to count on my subconscious
your voice of reason

Outgrowing the state of being
My veins exacerbate the tight
Need to fight
To stand up straighter
Hold it all together
I let him wrap his fingers where
He wants
I let them gasp
wake the neighborhood up
To sounds of me howling
Begging for
An escape where
They no longer ask from me
Where the pain no longer pools
Like the storm clouds
Above the dry valley
One strike of lightning
Suddenly it’s a fight for our lives

Hit me so I can take my mental state
Throw it into a definition
Look through the stars
the colors blend together in gaseous realities  

I can find the one strand where I used
moments of joy
the orange duvet, window open
Boiling tea kettles,

I used to just stand in the grass and not think about the
The crawling underworld
Soil seeping through,
Induce me
I’ll sink past the dirt, the sand
And let go of your hand.
Brooke P Aug 2017
My flaws are not pretty.

My imperfections are not endearing,
my vices are not quirky,
and my regrets are not intriguing and elusive.
They’re **** and unsettling;
better off buried in the catacomb that is my memory.
better off dormant, hibernating through all four seasons.
They destroy and ravage anything
that they can get their hands on.
They spread like wildfire through any self-respect
that might be living inside me.
Burning up every last trace of my dignity
until all that’s left
is a shower of ash and things I wish I could forget.
They don’t add character or substance
and leave me blinded by contempt.
They whisper to me that I don’t deserve to be happy.
And I listen to them.
They’re angry and want revenge.
JAC Jul 2017
"A wildfire does not have any choice
regarding whom it falls in love with!
It is too far out of control,"

he paused, his eyes concerned.

"Just as a tree has no choice
but to fall for a wildfire.
Flames are undeniably beautiful
and full of such intrigue."

He smiled, his thoughts showing
upon his small face.

"I fell in love with a wildfire,
and I had forgotten
that I was but a tree,"
he said.
Vale Luna Jun 2017
Well... maybe that's too deep for you
Too dramatic
But you liked the drama
Just not in my words
So I can't help but wonder
If my body was your chew toy
Simply because your other ******* were unavailable to play
Or wonder if you really meant to leave me alone with the responsibility of cleaning up the mess that we made together
Or wonder if you ever truly believed that we could bottle our sparks
Yet, no matter how much I want to hate you
I can't remember how
You taught me how to love
So I did
I loved every moment of us
Of you
But then again
I guess everyone loves the fireworks before they unexpectedly burst into uncontrollable flames

And maybe this was your goal
To twist my emotions around your relentless fingers
To toy with me
To get in my head
Or maybe getting in my pants was good enough for you
And you couldn't give a **** about my thoughts

So that shooting star I wished on
Disappears into the infinite collection of dim flickers in the night sky
And I'm just another diminished
*****-less trophy
For you to stack against your wall with pride
Just another addition to your demonized collection

Well, no.
I still can't remember why I wanted to write about you
But I write about sad things
So maybe that's why
And no
It's not sad because of the way you used me
It's sad
Because I know if I were to see you tonight
I'd run to you
And let you run your hands through my hair again
To feel that shallow wind again
As if I wasn't already burned enough
As if we didn't start a wildfire together.
It's about my ex.
You kinda have to read the first part to get this one.

I posted them separately cuz I didn't wanna overwhelm you guys lol.
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