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traces of being Aug 2018
Nascent love blossomed

          hidden amongst

          the lazy river's

          moonlit summer vines
          as we swam blissfully,

          stark naked as we are,

          drowning in a dulcet river’s spilled wine

Burning rapture garnered somewhere

in the starlit goosebumps shine

sensual healing released like spindrift

from every breaking wave;

splashing impassioned ecstasy

within passion suffused sighs

          The cadence of our moon shadow's dance

          reveled in the midnight reign          

          enslaved by an insatiable

          stardust rhapsody,

          unshackled lovers set free,

          entangled beneath the jealous stars

Joshua Dougan Dec 2016
The princess is dead, a tragic loss in mid air.
Our boy George has passed the torch along to his heir.
Major Tom blasted into space and ***** wonka was cast in haste.
But now we are drawn to the stage so sincere.
traces of being Jan 2016
Looking for the answer
I can see it clear as day

Hidden behind words left unspoken
Hoping jilted memories just fade away

Cast my smoldering ashes hither
Steal away with the gypsy wind

Roll away life etched in stone
Scatter silenced reverie far afield

“The hardest thing in life is letting go
Of what you thought was real”

© *wild is the wind
traces of being Jan 2016
feral as the untamed passion
of the soul

Unrestrained murmurs
seep out into ether vastness
pleas of an abandoned heart
A howling silence bears a merciless ache  
heedless to the rampant storm

This silent reverie --
but muted amends.
For in shameless longing,
the furor a deserted heart,
thrums onward, unrequited,
wafting in the wind song’s serendipity
Wild as the winged wanton breeze  

Oh chilling winter winds of change !
Come lay me down ;
as if I were the windblown
golden fields of summer

down to the ground … down to the ground

                                                       cast aside some unnoticed countryside

Smugly indifferent,
restless to rise up untouched,
where seeds  of  wild hope
once thrived

defy gravity
in the wind swept  aftermath

a thwarted sweet surrender

© *wild is the wind
traces of being Mar 2016
The tender Willow leaves whoosh softly
                              with the fickle cherry blossom breeze

Painting the colour
                              these inevitable days ,
                              the fragrant scent
                                                      o­f springtide

No longer holding back
                              the dreams from deep in a heart
                                                               w­axing gibbous ,

the unopined moon
                              rose up over an unwritten poem

painting hues with words
                              shaping the shadows of its song
                              into a musically dappled tableau

stroked by the tickle of poignant whispers

                              waft from the veritable roguish winter nadir
                                              ― a latent and longing heart

         ― beneath
                              a sky full of stars

                 ­                                        ✩ ✩ ☼ ✩ ✩
                                                     *wild is the wind
traces of being Apr 2016
Cottonwood flurries gently lilt
like the impending summer's dandelion wishes,
before lightly descending wistfully
under the weightiness
of the morning coastal mist

The nearness of the blanketing stillness
is now so much closer than the sky
I can see clearly now
where all my shadows once dwelled

So nigh, this echoing silence at hand,
it firmly grasps a weighing loneliness
left drowning in the waning grandeur
of fading dreams

The poignant pang
of the dawning of the day;
nature’s soul stirring
silent manipulation

A conscious moment,
always rousing the potential
to evolve into a beautiful thing
.                                                               ­    © April 2016
Listen To The Wind, It Talks
                   Listen To the Silence, It Speaks
                   Listen to Your Heart , It Knows

Native American Proverb
traces of being May 2016
The sensual caress
          twilight mist impearled flesh
          alighting a feral desire
          within blossoming spring petals

The newness of uncovered skin
          a sweetness on unsated lips ,
          the taste of passion and salty *******;

          with hastened breath
          sighs do brush with warm ****** breeze  
                               across my naked chest

          wild feathers sweeten
          tender touch
                                ... emanating
          sensual awakenings

Arousing buried desires

          unable to hold back
          constant cravings

          the inevitable currents
          pummeling shameless floodgates
with arising untamed springtides swell

Fleshly enslaved yen --  
energy sprouts tingling sensations

          nascent buds blossoming deeply
          flourishing exploding flames  
          bursting flush
                                       ... deliciously white hot

In an unstoppable carnal moment
          passion betides
          like the surging sea ;

Rising and falling crescendos
          unleashed waves crashing ,
          drowning in the rhythmic undertow

          interlaced bodies heaving adrift in the moment 
          like entangled seaweeds
                                            in a riptide

         as the rolling thunder storm 
         dances across invigorated tides
         with a surging cadence of cresting waves bloom
         caught in the Rhythm and the Sea

                           ✩ ✩ ☼ ✩ ✩
I have enjoyed writing many sensual art pieces the past few years but have published few.   Cheers to May Day, Spring and new beginnings ~
traces of being May 2016
We danced to the river’s song every summer’s moonlight
          drawn together by impassioned currents stir
Lovers swimming in dulcet waters cleansing flow
          washing the sweltering day’s memories away
          to paint on the moment, beneath a sky full of  stars

Cinnamon summer hues glistening colour
          moonbeams ricochet off goose-bumped flesh
Trembling warmth rippling through shivering passion
          arousing all our secret places,
          pulsing wildly, with a feral potion
          racing through our veins
Tasting summer love’s awakening appetite
          blissfully sharing what was ours forevermore to keep

Twilight colored your eyes
          with the songs we never knew
Crickets chirrup to a cadence
          only raging hearts beat to
          sating a restless ache, sweet nights of summer bliss
Quenching a budding common thirst,
          whispering in blissful harmony
          only revealed in the cattails' purr along river's edge,
          swaying with a rhythmic summer breeze

We went down to the river every summer night,
          making  love with stardust in our eyes;
          set free like shooting stars,
          setting fire to the heat of the night

                                                 *wild is the wind
an ode to untold secret places
and silent reveries written out loud,
dreaming of hopeful sweet days
of  the impending summer bloom
traces of being Aug 2016
although we may not

physically reach out

and feel , hand to hand ,

across far distant dimensions - -

Poetry is touching souls
though I have not been publishing much...I have greatly enjoyed the intimate sense, imbibed through quietly reading some amazing work

Thank You !
traces of being Aug 2016
Moonflower petals secreted nectar                          
the lovely sublimity of blossoming flower

Tall, thin~stemmed ,  pastel flesh~
bud to open          
only after nightfall

An elicit echo                                
the way moonlight reflects
on warm raindrop
impearled *******

Her moist curvaceous silhouette  
night~blooming lilt
with summer breeze
dulcet sway

Window open ,                              
sultry , and raining in            
single delicate petal cast off  
like a party dress fallen
in a beautiful mess
upon the rain puddled
wooden floor

Entrancing shadow cast              
a pleasing taste            
the flower’s exotic fruit

Satiate the hidden hunger        
mirrored within                 
all – devouring            
deep brown eyes 

Writhed in the beautiful                
passion throes              

the naked sweetness              
of the wanton agony exposed

✩ ✩☺ ✩ ✩
Moonflower blooms under a sky full of stars
Daylily opens beneath earth's brightest star
delicate floral flesh and pollination
scented soft spring breeze
~ sensual enchantment ~
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