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a wildfire
'tower up into the night like a young tree.' photographer. i write about shadows and light and love.
19/F    Just the random thoughts of a girl caught somewhere in the empty space between simply existing and actually living.


Pyrrha  Jul 2018
Pyrrha Jul 2018
I want
To fall in love with someones smile
To swoon under their gaze
To become dizzy with their touch

I want
To crave someone like an addiction
To nestle up to their warmth
To get an adrenaline rush from their scent

I want
To hold them and never let go
To tell them how much I love them everyday
To keep discovering them like it's my personal quest

I want
To give them my heart
To love them for all that they are
To keep them from the tainted world

I want
But what can I do with these contaminated hands?
How dare I try to hold them close with these hands of mine flowing thick with lies?
To tell them sweet nothings with my corrupted tongue?

My love
Is like a wildfire
Sudden, quick, and innocent
Without my permission my little spark turned into a flame
And consumed everything that contained a letter in your name

My love
Is like a wildfire
Untamed, ephemeral, and dangerous
It destroys all it touches,
Breaking barriers, burning bridges
It envelopes everyone in its warmth leaving no option but to run or turn to ash

Beware of my wildfire love
You cannot leave unscathed
I leave a scar

Beware of my wildfire, love
Because I'll burn enough for us both
I'll keep you warm on cold nights and dry on rainy days
I will set your heart ablaze and love you with all the force of my wildfire

Beware of my love,
It can't be forgotten nor replaced
This is the first time posting a poem on here as I am a new member, I hope whoever stumbles upon my work enjoys and relates!
Veronique Aubé  Jun 2018
Veronique Aubé Jun 2018
our love was a wildfire, creeping, powerful and fiery like no other passion.

our love was a wildfire, dangerous, it destroyed the relationships in its wake

our love was a wildfire, engulfing hearts and minds, leaving nothing but tragedy.

our love was a wildfire and you didn’t believe in the rain, every flower, every lust-lined letter we spoke.

our love was a wildfire that ignited with the friction of our lips crashing like waves over and over again.

our love was a wildfire and the trees we hid in turned to ash.

our love was a wildfire and I’ll never forget the day your eyes froze over.

our love was a wildfire and you kept the embers turned to rage.

our love was a wildfire and I fueled your flame before I torched you with it.

our love was a wildfire and the scars you bear will never heal.

our love was a wildfire and I wish it had burned us alive.