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Thomas Goss Jan 7
Rising From The First Galaxy, This Ubiquitous Love Tsunami Crashes Into The Cosmic Architecture With The Transcendent Fierceness Of Youthful Yearning

I adore delightful wind scattered kisses  
that you left for me in a paper bag  
crinkled to the brim with boisterous galactic dreams

stars spin as two pairs of eyes leap together
into the scintillating stardust horizon  
that echoes with love's eternal enchantment  

cradled hearts pull back curtains that  vibrate across oceans of eons,
full spectrum blossoming of superstrings ripe with quantum entanglement,  
driftwood shaped into a lover's captured face,  
an utterly devout gaze carved by your gentle, skillful hands  

laying down sleepwise, we entrust fate to join us again and again
in the sounds of tearful reunion, of ******* delight,  
technology rusted until the jaws of nature  
crush it into something verdant and renewed

imagination spark,
arc of hungry starlight pressing into voracious lips,
you, scalded into my heartcore,  
imprinted like flowers saved in a closed book of poetry,  
set upon a precious mantle,
years of soot from the fireplace below enriching  
what it means to traipse upon the blade of sentience
in an unchoreographed dance of worship

the movement of these hands in front of this face,  
an orchestration of so many elements and moments,  
painted femininity in silk robes,  
shadows chanting choruses of epic tales of love lost  
and eventually rediscovered in the unlikeliest of places

each breath is wingflutter,  
swooning for sunshine that blazes warmth onto this face like the planet's swan song,  
high atmospheric diving against the crisp cerulean blue

I take your arm in mine,  
placing hands in the fountain of truth,  
a cosmos spun majestically,  
like the curves of your face;
a living sculpture, apex of all summer sunsets

and I know only that my life began  
the first time I reached out for you in the darkness,
my hobbled form choked with dirt light years long,
that you gather into bundles that you tell me will one day become stars

lady of the verse,
speechless delving into words,
adorn me with the dynamic heartflow of tasted mountaintop clouds,
I am the midnight garland caressing your supple skin,
nearing sleep, yet wandering far away from the fruiting orchard of your eyes,
exploring the sundry universes of your mind and body,
passion's forgotten time traveler

as your silhouetted frame repositions itself in the restfulness of darkness,  
I am the one draped in the tapestry of awareness,  
hand upon your meaningful hip,  
a kiss upon your cheek that shall linger like a neutron star,
visiting you in hungry fever dream rivulets
that trickle steadily into the ever shifting horizon
of your cherished and rampaging mindscape
poetry ate my soul
Thomas Goss Dec 2020
As We Walk In Stride Up The Steps Of Our Palace Of Joy, We Honor The Way Each Step Was Crafted From The Bricks Of Suffering That Once Littered Our Past

There was a dream of you
Poetry carved from a boy of blue
And in this monumental brew
A sculpture of the chance to start anew

But all the words in the universe
Could never elucidate the sparkle in my soul
That you've ignited with the synchronicity of your heart

Though I don't yet know
Every precious contour of your gorgeous face

Starshine erupted from our reborn cores
Illuminating every aspect of the landscape of our minds
Shimmering like the primordial sea of stars

200 million years of lonely darkness washed away
Infinite realms of possibility brought to life

Supernovae seeding the future of You and I
Thomas Goss Dec 2020
The love that we miss
Shines like a comet flying by
The length of every kiss
A shadow of memory in the night
And how can I resist
Now that the summers are all gone

Can you remember
How it used to be?

The cosmos amazing
Our bodies shaking
Our hearts racing
To do it again
Thomas Goss Dec 2020
I am a dream that is awoken
In the palpable stillness of night

A feast of all things
Drowning in the crypt of eyes

So beautiful in silky aloneness

Scintillating like the shadow of an imposter
Gliding through the quicksand of glacial night

Grappling with the behemoth of humanity
Dancing with the fragility of raindrops perched on the sun

A tangled morass of limbs spiked with sentience
Colliding prismatically like an unruly flock of birds

Oxygen and mayhem fluttering
Upon the parading windstream

I am the delightful trickle
Of a distant waterfall's hushed rainbow

I am a boy sewn together from scraps
Of true love's wardrobe

Rising strangely through the thunder clouds of heartbreak
Like dawn whispers caressing every particle in the solar system

I am all of these things and more
Yet in the end only one truth remains:

When love paints the dappled clouds
With wandering rivulets of gorgeousness
That morph majestically from one lovely unnameable form to another

We kiss underneath a sky
Made of nothing but us

We kiss underneath a sky
Made of nothing but us
Thomas Goss Dec 2020
Look at the moon tonight,
So bright in the sky,
It almost hurts my eyes.

Feel how the cold air swims
Under a midnight sun,
Where our world is suddenly waking.

Of the chains that bind,
Of the limitations of the mind.

So set it all free now.

Let every ripple of regret
Fall like a moonlet
Slipping through Saturn's rings.

This journey that we're on
Can be such a lonely one,
But there is joyful melody
Bursting from your soul
And you are standing next to me
With starlight in your eyes,
A never ending memory
That stands the test of time.

There is no way to say
What you mean to me,
But can you see
The moonshine in the sky?

Yes, everything's alright.
Another soul burning song, meant to be heard:
Thomas Goss Dec 2020
I was sitting on the steps
Wondering why

All the stars up in the sky
Burn through the night

For everyone faces the darkness
And let’s out a sigh

Under pools of light
In the deepest night

Time will send you over the moon
Endless moments where it’s just you

And as starshine opens your mind
There will be another surprise

Here under the sky
A shooting star captured in your eyes
Thomas Goss Dec 2020
This luscious lily is a star gazer,
flush with the fever dreams of forever love,
intent on building our wildflower throne ever higher.  

Bare skin,
thumping heart,
a flourishing hearth of smiles
overwhelming the candle lit darkness.

We are galaxies triumphantly colliding
somewhere in the blissful matrix
of vast and unhindered interstellar spaces.

Pressing my lips to your face,
I know there is nothing worth more
than each swaying tender moment
where I am graciously reflected
in the elevated geometry of your fierce,
hypnotic eyes.
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