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Erin Oct 2019
I see you lurking in the shadow
I see you trying to fade into the quiet
I see you trying to hide under timidity
I see you blending into the sea of the unknown

Who are you quiet one?

What makes you smile, allowing the light to shine from your eyes?
What makes you laugh, lifting the weight from your soul?
What do you carry in your hear that makes it so heavy?
What are the thoughts that keep you sleepless at night?

Who are you that stands in the shadows?
sometimes it will be
seen with others of its
and sometimes it
is seen without any of its

the American Indians
have befriended
as they've felt an
affinity with

you might get a shiver
down your
if you hear the sound
that it will

it is an animal of great
and it also has a watchful

from the prairies
to the snow
it will tread a path
on their
Quin Rosenheart Dec 2018
6 feet underground
My life turned upside down
Why have you left me here this way

1000 feet above the earth
Heaven is now my hearth
Too bad theres no one left here to pray

Gone away from those I loved
I'm here watchful from up above
Atop the clouds I listen as I lay

— The End —