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Quin Rosenheart Jan 2020
I lust for someone who doesn't care.
I care for someone who doesn't love.
I love someone who doesn't feel.
I feel for someone who doesn't care.
And so the cycle continues
Because I'll never be enough.
Quin Rosenheart Jul 2019
When you say you
would take a bullet
for me, I secretly
hope the bullet goes
through you and into
me, so I dont
have to live without
Quin Rosenheart May 2019
I was once a blind man; I sought after something that simply didn't exist.
I climbed the stairs, to reach the roof of the building. Looking down was a sea of hope. I did not want hope~
I tried, I jumped wanting to sprout wings and fly, soar above anything that may put me in harms way.
But like a stalled plane, I fell hard and fast.
I was never this trusting, I sealed my heart within the confines of my eternal jail cell -the mind- hoping it would never escape the darkness.
My weary mind only brought angst and distorted memories.
those feelings I had never wanted to feel again.
Like melted glass, my heart was sculpted from pieces of my broken past.
shattered over and over, I fought for whatever remained but my mind can be malleable. It can be twisted and believe in the lies that one may bring upon myself.
The will to love, to trust, to become one with another was all but forsaken until an enlightening soul entered my life.
How the memories of the taken, were brought back onto my mind and to hell they went for the sins they've committed. I didn't care. I broke the circle and without hesitation ran toward the inflicted. They were torn. Just like I.
They're heart shattered just like I.
I saw them, atop the same building.
About to jump.
But it was then I realized, it was me. Again and again the cycle continued.
I was the one who pulled myself toward the hope.
I was the one who wanted to love again.
I never wanted to grow wings, to glide into the vanta night sky alone once again.
I never wanted solitude
I realized myself.  Who I am, who i'm meant to be.
The sins I commit are ones i'm proud to speak for if they are sins at all; why should I abandon those who sought to condemn me to hell?
I am a man of my own free will. I am a man who seeks his own happiness. I am a man who controls his life.
I am me.
Quin Rosenheart Feb 2019
I hate myself

so please dont try to convince me

I'm worth it

Because no matter what

I'm my worst enemy

And I'd never lie to myself by saying

I shouldnt have self hatred

So I promise you that I will always remember

That I'm the epitome of my mistakes

And nothing you say will make me think

I still deserve a happy life

Because no matter what

I'm not good enough for people

And I will never believe that

I'm good enough for anyone

Because whenever I look at my reflection I think

Have I ever deserved a happy life?
Read top to bottom then bottom to top
Quin Rosenheart Jan 2019
A Sin! A Sin! Yet one i shall keep!
For whatever we sow,
Together we reap!
Quin Rosenheart Jan 2019
I learned guitar
just for the perfect moment
when i find me and my future
perfectly in tune
ready to play the melody
that is life
Quin Rosenheart Jan 2019
Mend me
Dont end me
My heart so eroded
So shattered
So broken

Mend me
Dont end me
Melt my eroded heart
Until it become
Glass once more
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