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Erin Oct 15
I always say never again
yet somehow, I always get pulled back into the realm of make believe
where hues are subtle yet vibrant
words are poignant and sharp
and dreams fade with glimmers of hope

yes, somehow, I always find myself here
hours lost in pursuit of that which faintly eludes my grasp
but imprints itself upon my heart
reminding me of the beauty of what could be

and so I continue to tumble into the realm of make believe
believing in its magic
even though I always say never again
Erin Jul 31
summer memories
warmed by the fading sun
wait to be forgotten
in the hush of fall
later to reminisced in the chill of winter
accompanied by storied laughter
and a longing for summer’s smile
Erin Jul 28
for the briefest of moments
time falls still
no pretense, no veil
a simple connection
binding two hearts
all in that moment is perfect
all in that moment is real
a moment to breathe
a moment to love
a moment to feel
for the briefest of moments
Erin Jul 28
a myriad of colors composes my soul
faint whispers of color contrasted with bold strokes  
soft-spoken hues interlaced with vibrant jewels
all swirled, faded, and delicately stitched
coyly revealing the abstract soul that shimmers inside
Erin May 14
so it feels
when I tumble down the rabbit hole of my mind -
an endless gray envelops the day
clouds blanket the sky,
suffocating the sun
as I drown in my thoughts

but soon –
vibrant rays of color and light burst forth,
warming my soul
melting my anxieties
reawakening my senses -
reminding me of the flavors of life

and once again -
I dabble in life’s small delights,
dancing in its wonder
with my heart ready to smile love
Erin Jan 30
gazing at the last wisps of December -
a year’s worth of memories color the mind
while the heart eagerly awaits new tomorrows
Erin Jan 30
lost in the colors and sounds of delicious daydreams
where thoughts tangle and wrap themselves around the mind like thick vines
and promises bloom –
causing realities to shift,
suspending doubts
allowing the heart and mind to believe in the magic of possibilities
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