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I know things happen,
And bad things to good people;
I wonder sometimes,
Why to him? Why in this way?
And why now? Tell me.
Auss Apr 2014
It's late At night
I don't feel alright
It's like he is here beside me
I don't know how that could be

I thought I had so long
I guess I was really wrong
With his skeleton hands
His Flaming head band

Hello death my old friend
You said you'd greet me at the end
Why so soon?
Was I such a goon?

I finally see your soulless eyes
You look at me with despise
I see how you eternally cry
When each soul must say good bye

Life was overrated
But death is poorly stated
I don't see a heaven
I don't see a hell
Might want to wish me well.

I see those who passed
Those who didn't last
Those for who I cared
Those who feelings i had shared

the last of the living
The last of the thinking
The last of the being

Because that's what we are
we are the last

— The End —