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Tilly May 25
walking through, the burning embers of fires you started;
Tilly Oct 2020
In fields of golden glory,
we never learn lessons...
from gun metal steel grey skies,
crude oil rains run red.
Tilly Jun 2020
("hello you, are you keeping safe?)
And the whole World stops, still,
instantly at peace,
                             are remembering Us
                    A constant which
                        when all else is in flux.    

               ~In another time, I would not / should not reply~

You are with me, as I am with you.
Holding on, to the totally known

or when,
those lovely words of yours
travel to find me doesn't matter;
I feel you...
in everything beautiful,
each and every day. Always,
with the heartfelt knowledge, you
feel that same connection also.

So beautifully, uniquely everything, of everythingly.
So rare, are we...                        
Your face on my pillow,
         The moon of your smile,
Those stars,    
                     the 'too many' reasons,
              both wholesome,  
   and dreamt of.  
   Chocolate kisses.    
  Pebbles in pockets.        
Pink blue sunsets.            
A simpler World,                    
which fell away within a gaze.

Our secrets forever safe in our perfect. bubble, so preciously protected from the storm outside

~We will never meet another soul, as Us~

watching such a beautiful man endure such turmoils, was so heartbreaking for your butterfly...
Even if,
she does understand
all the reasons why
you stayed...

I listened to your turmoil by the sea (the chaos effect of your butterfly was rippling throughout you)

We, hurt Us.

And of all the 'too many' reasons,

Our life...was so blissfully simple.
Those times, with our children,
were so precious;
Reducing Us to tears
[knowing our potential].

If, a butterflys' brief life was offered longevity;
In a heartbeat,
her wings would shine like diamond...
So strong for you
(& for the Us, of 6)

You would fall,
& I could catch you

    be allowed

But you,
my darling man,
know this already...
[It is not a conversation you are ready to have,
there were no promises...
there are no answers...
the choice to let us go,
   was the right thing

Who knows where this path
- this new World - leads us
as our children stay closer,
grow wiser, & shout louder.
they will teach us to be braver?
O­n the other side of here?
    ­                             no matter what...
                             We do the right thing:

And where, together, we hear
the echo of a cracking heart

("You are adored, without question,")
is all you need to hear

True...except for the words I didn't send
Tilly Oct 2019
Sitting  naked
for respected fellows...
nymph to Rubinesk:
  I'm purest
Perhaps they paint the colour of my soul...
True story
Tilly Oct 2019
with nothing:
There's still so much
more to give.

Feelings ease, as toes
are dipped, in sweet clover.

Brazen, underneath starlit skies;
We too, have died before.

Bodies alight with
heavenly fires;
Intense passions igniting
honest reactions.

Join (and part) each atom of self,
to allow flow:

As saline spills, across arid plains, filling emptiness... with oceans.

single flower
may bloom, in decoration of
soulful beauty. 
Whisper our riddling...
over long gone shadows'.
Missing pieces

Those need(s) of yours,
or mine.

We, are here... now

sigh        sigb
s i g h s i g h s i g h
S I G H  S I G H
Or should the title be
We *were* this
. ..once
Tilly Oct 2019
Upon the alabaster, crafted; An ink
so deep, so everlasting.
Driven hard...
to let the art in;
Words unspoken,
sear the darkest.
Beg the finish
(& ******)

Open to eyes:
A poets soul's exalted.
In all ways...always (a)mused the words still swirl & chase.
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