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Uzo Okoli Mar 2023
Boots sanction the hearts of men.
The victims are wailing and smiling
Death keeps on knocking and waiting
Who will liberate us?

Denial of our voices made us cry
Downtrodden wept as their voices
Dwindle and cracks for liberation
Who are the kindhearted?

Nation begets unruly masters
As the country pretends to smile
Honest people are followers!
Why the contradiction?

Bemourning the scourges of men
Humanity strives to speak but ...
Money, power and fame supercedes
When are we going to rise?

Hatred is begging to put on a smile
Laughter covers herself with rags
The future bleeps and sorrows
Can we revolt against the status quo?© Uzo
Liberation of the soul starts from upholding the tenets of true values.
Uzo Okoli Nov 2021
Who loves me always?
Desperate to have me glow!
As I move from the North
Helping my dying neighbours from the south.

Banging of boots scare the ears
Ammunition conquers the reddish eyes
Wars ravaging the human soul
Who admires me?

Dialogue beautifies the conscience
Acrimony governs the senseless
Monstrous nobles become opulent
As they smile to the vault

Deaths gladden the weak
Nations get weakened by the feeble
Cries of the desperate beckon for love
With love, peace is the ultimate.
We all crave for peace and love!
Uzo Okoli Jan 2021
The blessings of sowing
Lies in the season of harvesting
A time of sweat and sweet
A moment of pain and joy

The season of difficulties serves as input
To the period of reaping.
Tears give birth to smiles
Acclaiming the hands of time.

The second is uncertain of the next.
The winking of the eyelashes determines
The involuntary moment no one speaks of.
Who determines the next click of fate?

Recalling the yesterday gives birth of today.
The pregnant one rejoices over the future.
Who knows the dangers of tomorrow?
Only the omnipotent.
Uzo Okoli Jan 2021
The intentions of the colour speak ill.
As the designer weeps in tears
The white is a filthy colour of all
As the double green symbolises hunger.

The great groundnut pyramids stand as statutes.
Termites scavenge the remnants.
Who can stop the difficulties of the nation?
A patriot, coward, cattle rustler or an alien!

The blood of the unsung heroes
Colour the flag of the nation
Bemoaning signs of failed leadership.
Who led the actions of 10102020?
The Camouflage, Alausa, Aso Rock or the Unseen forces!

Men suffer from avarice
Crowd symbolises poverty
Likening to the extortions of palliatives
Under the framework of bureaucracy.
Uzo Okoli Jan 2021
The giver of joy to his audience
The healer of man's sorrow
As he judges, the flowers smile
The Dancer is a killer of nightmares.

The hilarious one of every moment.
The people's man every second
He gives light like the sun
The Dancer is man's happiness

The party-goers yearn for Fridays
The Disc jockey fulfils the dancer's dream
Mesmerising the happy screamers
The bottles keep on getting dry.

The dream of the Dancer is joy
The sight of him radiates peace.
His shoes are gold mines.
Who can pay the fee of the Dancer?
Uzo Okoli Jun 2020
Pain causes friction within
It pierces the souls of men
Gladdens the hearts of sadists
Impoverishes the minds of the feeble
Who feels pains?

Tears symbolises modern humanity
Contradicts happiness and sadness
A bitter sweet flavour of the eyes
Pure like raindrops.
Who likes tears?

Difficulties weaken the strong
As she walks majestically to glory
After several trials of error.
Ladder of failures epitomises difficulties
Who loves difficulties?

Scar sets the tone of recollection
The clothes of men gives it a royal apparel
When the eyes of the beholder recounts the ordeals of the scars
Who adnires scars?

© June 2020
The Earth is full of egoistic tendencies.
Uzo Okoli Jun 2020
Pallbearers dancing to the bank
As deaths keep on soaring high
Who knows the crimes of the dead?
Except the unseen hands of creation.

Sickness ravages the souls of men
Children pleading for more years
Who cares about their yearnings?
Only the dying mothers.

Famine saddens the hearts of All
Pests smile towards the crops
Who can salvage the situation?
The Guardian of the yields beckons.

Babies cry for food, shelter and water
Markets are closed to All
Floods impede movement
As the wailings continue.

©June 2020
Prayer for the deprived.
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