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I’m listening to the music that makes me think of you,
and hope starts to spread uncontrollably,
like a glass of wine spilt of fresh cloth,
it seeps within me,
not vindictive,
but eager in its mission
to color the fabric red with
love, light, lust, hope,
and a little anger.
I’ll try to bleach it out,
keep it clean just for you.
I’ll package it up, throw on a bow,
and give it to you.
EmilyBatdorf Oct 25
I’m feeling dangerous tonight
fire in my eyes, and you know you’ll
have to fight,
or fall down before me.
EmilyBatdorf Oct 20
I wasn’t looking for love
when I met you.
I was tall, lanky,
a loud girl you could say.
You were quiet, unassuming,
curls untamable.
Years passed without much there
between us.
I fell in love with you
beneath the stars-
in a crowded tent, fighting off sleep,
near the great big fire and its loving heat,
running through rain,
roaming around,
I fell in love with you
when I was young,
too young to know the world,
to see its demons and feel its pain,
back when my heart was open, fresh,
and trusting.
And I’ve stayed in love with you,
through your darkest days and my twisted path,
my heart is bruised now,
stitched together, tattooed with your name,
but loving you all the same.
EmilyBatdorf Oct 19
I’m am alone
with my thoughts, and yet,
it feels as if something is
There’s an emptiness here,
one I didn’t feel before.
Then I realize,
it’s the space where your hand
holds mine
the sound of our breath
as we exhale at the
same time.
You’re gone from me,
a vague memory you could
convince me is fake,
a story I made up during some
lunch break,
or perhaps read online,
hoping that this story
was mine.
There’s an empty spot
in my heart,
one that calls out
your name.
EmilyBatdorf Oct 11
I want to cauterize my feelings,
walk on broken glass un-pained,
at least that would stop me from calling out
your name.
EmilyBatdorf Sep 28
There are always causalities in war,
you cut my heart up, let it bleed
over you mon amour.
We’re in stalemate of love,
your wavering indecision,
I want to shove
it away, put a lock on the pain,
cross your name off my lips.
What is there left to gain
with all that disconnection,
the distance stretched between us,
and you, filled with trepidation.
EmilyBatdorf Sep 27
How many times do I have to say that I’m not okay
before you start listening with your heart instead of your mouth?
Your heart, once warm to the touch, protected by briars
and a sphinx, though I thought them unreal.
I’ve tried to solve the riddle, to think it through, to answer right,
but your heart remains closed off to me and I sit through the night,
wondering how we got here, to this point of isolation.
Your mind is closed, heart unreachable, words sparse,
and yet I think to break down these walls, climb them,
push through them until I’ve found you in the
center of it all.
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