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annh May 2020
If you place me on a pedestal,
I can’t help but disappoint you;
For no one is infallible,
No one survives unbroken,
No one remains unchanged.

When it all turns to custard,
Who do you blame?
Me for letting you down,
Or yourself for doing the same,
By expecting too much of me.
To shamelessly paraphrase Yotam Ottolenghi: ‘I am inordinately fond of pedestals...and...custard in any shape or form.’
Àŧùl Dec 2016
I refuse to give up.

Should I give up as they all say,
Hemp I have taken not ever,
And yet I will keep loving you,
Let them all call this my immaturity.

If forever love is immature, so be it.

Let her be engaged in her pursuit,
Of infidelity, if she may want to be in,
Venerable I may grow old waiting,
Efforts put day and night I'll succeed.

Yes, because I want to prove her wrong,
Obviously for ditching me midway,
Until maturation, she won't be waiting.

King, she wants in future as her groom,
Rarely she displays her efforts for that,
Into her far-fetched dreams, she adds it,
Possibly imagined chanced upon success,
Interestingly she desires the eureka moment.

Falsify all apprehensions I shall easily 'morrow,
Obviously, that day still may be years away, and
Right here I am staying in my shoes grounded,
Especially I already am putting in that extra bit,
Veer I shall never off this only road to success,
Ends I shall definitely tie together if they are slack,
Ringing your doorbell I shall be within few years.
I leave it up to you whether to wait or not, my dearest fool.

HP Poem #1324
©Atul Kaushal
J A M Aug 2014
"Dance with me"
She said
"Take more of me"
Morals and manners
Tossed aside
He earnestly did
As she craved
Intense moments shared
Then some how
It happened
With no conscience
Deliberative deceit
It seemed sudden
He had seemed infallible
She knew he wasn't
He never knew
And their world

— The End —