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purple heart Aug 22
i knew we wouldn't talk each day,
like we are used to now.

i didn't knew that it would,
just happen, like that
without a fight from your side,
without a reason for not letting me stay

it was the person in you that i mourn for
a person to whom i could
ask anything
say anything
cause i knew, i was understood
without ever justifying

i mourn for this person, i really do.

whom i supposed to blame other than fate?
but the heart would have felt better,
if you just tried
a bit.
you left long before you actually left,
the saddest part is i felt it,
and still couldn't or didn't wanted to do anything more,
cause i chose myself before you could have destroyed me,
like you did to yourself
Faizel Farzee Aug 20
The most unanswered question!!
What is life, what is our purpose in life? No one has a none doubtful answer and none thinks about it, cause no one can answer it, so we avoid it like the plague...
still searching
Invisible Jul 20
Why can't you hear me?
I used to wonder if you could.
Why are we speaking?
I used to wonder if your words were stories.
Why are we climbing?
I used to wonder if the world could fall.
Why did you say we were the story?
I used to wonder who was reading.
Why did you tell me we were dreaming?
I used to wonder if I believed you.

And I do.
So tell me this.
How do I wake up?
If I'm dreaming, wide awake?
Someone, seriously. Give me an answer. To any of these.
Nie Apr 18
I gave you my time
I gave you my love
I gave you my mind

But what did you give me?
Eleanor Feb 11
I sleep on sheets covered in beer and carry boxes of bottles to the trash room, boxes and sheets and smells that could get me in trouble with the people who wear uniforms
And I put my head on the shoulder beside me and everything is sweat and stale alcohol and three am and I was supposed to do more homework tonight. I was supposed to get more done and go to bed so much earlier.
But here I am, tired and lying beneath Kenyan blankets, atop Blue Moon covers, lightly taking your phone off your chest and setting it away as you slip into sleep beside me
Here I am, bringing you trash bags I bought with my own money, carrying a box of illegalities I didn’t drink to the recycling, leaning into your flanneled embrace in the Sunday morning quiet of the hallway

I will take care of you, no questions asked
I will always take care of you

Before sleep’s waves, in the dark, holding my hand to yours and telling you that I am here to talk— and knowing you will never take me up on it.
Asking you questions because it’s my job, and you say I do it too well, and we both know that that avoids the question in the first place.

I will take care of you, asked questions unanswered
It is 3 am on a Sunday, and I will take care of you
Shine Chiong Jan 11
Guess, I'm sorry I cannot forget you
All these things that we've been through
How can I forget you?
When my mind, heart and soul is still you
Day and night
I cannot deny
The thoughts running through my mind
And I can't control what's inside
Questions keeps knocking in my head
Every time when I'm in bed
These questions cannot be answer without you
Since, it belongs to you
Here you are.

                          “Where is that?”
                                                         You ask.

Not every question will be answered, kid.
          People say that’s how life is.

But they’re wrong.

That’s the constricts of death, my friend.

There will always be fighting,

“Life is only precious because it ends, kid.”

Is giving up an

Or a rule
staysha Dec 2018
Whats so cool about ***
Why do people want it so bad
Is it because we talk about it so much
Why does it drive people mad
It has the power to make a good person perverse
It can make a man ****
But all for what
For a duty to fulfill
To repopulate
Is it simply what we are made to do
Or is it something totally exempt from all dimensions of knowledge
It does not make sense if im being true
I dont understand the need for *** the unending desire and craving i have for it and i truthfully dont believe many people do.
candykendys Nov 2018
I don't know how it happened,
I just found myself longing for your hugs and kisses,
Missing our late night conversation,
Dealing with my unanswered questions.

I want to ask you,
But is it the right thing?
Or you'll leave me hanging,
Or you'll tell me lies?

Can you tell me?
Can you answer me?
Can you help me?
Can you just be mine?

-try it. it can be reversed poetry.
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