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all my questions,
were all unanswered.
when will be the time,
i can finally go outside,
and be free,
knowing that i have
all the answers
to the questions i've
been looking for?

for so many years,
i tried to search.
for all the answers,
that my questions longed for.

maybe, i should've not tried
to find the answers,
but to just sit down,
and think,
that i,
am the only one,
who answers all the
questions i've asked.
this was so random, but hopefully someone will understand what i mean. I am not good at poetry, but i try to make it look clean. My choice of words are very boring, but please do understand that i am trying. (this rhymed, and no, i did not make that on purpose **** might post that ***)

-jia m
Oskar Roux Aug 2019
He sees me.
The stranger looks deep,
deeper Into me
than I see myself and analyse and care to critique the way
that I'm conducting myself.
He's harsh with his eyes
He doesn't know me.
scrutinizing every pore
every hair that stands in place,
every conscious thought and un-thought.
He thinks he doesn't
But he does.

Like a whirlpool of judgement that swirls in a silver reflection, I stare at the man that stares at me.
he seems familiar and now I judge him.
the table turns to see myself
staring at this silvery
I think
I know.
If you believe in a literal or
metaphorical 2nd coming then...

Is it an event
Or a process?

What signifies
It has begun?

What marks
It's end?

Will there
Be a 3rd?

Who was
The 1st?
Dreamfall121 Apr 2015
Leaving a love message
After the machine's beep
Delivery failed
I am in Pixel Maze's
Escape garden
With green grass
On Genesis walls
Flashlights are switching
On and off
Walking by ethnic purple demons
Their gold hands
Over their several heads
Static at the summit
They freeze
In prolonged pauses
They don't even exist
But our eyes still torches
Music is thundering down now
From the heavens
With electro nodes
Am I that out of it?
And I never really left
That haunted warehouse
Watching evil trees
Awake now
By the nightfall
They are dancing
By father's campfire
Slicking my hair
I am jumping
On polish mushrooms
We don't even like him
I hear him Tolling
Church's bells
Resurrecting guilt
On immature Sunday
But I don't want to listen
He is reading again
Those antique diaries
Hours fly by
Won't listen
Uneasy by his discomfort
I find that magic carpet
And i elude
oni Nov 2014
your answering machine
and i
have become
perhaps closer
than you and i
ever were
because at least
it bothers
to answer me
Ella Gwen Aug 2014
It is too dark and too late and too soon

It’s always the daytime someplace
And if we were there you would say
It’s too light and too early and too late

And so neutrality would be preferred,
To maintain ourselves on both sides of the fence?

Either side of the fence, you mean
For opposite we stand and shall remain
Until you let me climb over
Where the grass is green

It is no greener here
And all the more feet for trampling
Would ruin what is already bruised
And which would never grow back

I would not trample you.

We were talking about the grass
But now, yes, you will obliterate me
If you take but one step closer

Darling I will leave you
If you do not burn down that dratted fence

Oh my darling,
you were never mine for me to be left.

— The End —