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Rachel Rae Sep 14
The deep woods that linger on the mountain hill
With open palms that beckon and hold
As I move across its glades of gold and jade
As the hidden bridge squeaks beneath my weight
The pines beginning to close in on the space
That was the path, crumbling into mossy lace

In that moment, it was barely visible
The red steeple of the city temple
Peeking gently through the canopy of leaves
But as the wind blew and the woodlands breathed
And the fairies of the river bank sang
The warm hand against my back began to lead me away
Rachel Rae Sep 2
A stranger stopped by,
Asked how things were going
Simply put, the sun seems just as golden
The road glides easy as we drive into the next day,
The ocean breeze's just as sweet as the smiles on our face
There are no wounds, no tears
And yet, my world has shifted a few degrees
For it is the small scratch that forever bleeds
That pulls at one's existence like weeds
It's the ghost that lingers in the peripherals
It's the gasp, before the light switch is flicked on
With the lamp that swings alone, above what is truly gone
It's the wave of laughter that lacks its fourth part harmony
And it's the forgotten Christmas dinner seat.
Rachel Rae Aug 11
Then the Universe will find her peace
As chaos settles, deviations cease
On a hill, the glint of a telescope eye,
Will watch as the Sun, Earth and Moon align
A city will cheer as looming tides recede
And my life shall once again be stripped bare, clean
Rachel Rae Jul 20
Tangled twisted heart,
Tumbled down the road,
Like a scrappy skein of yarn

Knew to ride the gutter's trails,
To weave past boots that stomped and sneered,
Huddle in the cold, hide during hail

Stolen away its many days with the trash and weeds,
By rough desert winds, past red dust clouds,
Snagged and snipped on spindly trees

And with a thud, it hit at once, the ground,
When, with its last exhale, the wind withdrew
That I, left between terracotta clay rocks and budding anthill mounds,
At last looked up and saw, a sky so exceptionally blue
Rachel Rae Jun 27
Sweet breath of me
Lily on the water that trembles
In the slightest breeze
The bells that herald the new morning sun
Yawn of a sapling oak,
That stretches its arms across the dawn
The laughter of yours that drives the winds
My name that balances between your lips

With pattering lashes, you drift asleep
As I coax the tune from the ivories
Oh beauty still, even should my fingers bleed
Even should I melt into the keys, the strings
I shall die before I end this piece
To keep alive, one more day
My darling melody
Rachel Rae May 24
I think of you,
As one thinks of mountains
While stuck in the subway
Rachel Rae May 21
I saw a balloon circling overhead when I awoke
Where am I?
What is this?
Where are my hands?
I gasped in a breath, deep flow
That mixed into my belly
And melted to my soul
Tight and tense
It battled with the shadows
In my heart that had settled
Till I doubled over in agony
with a deep, steam scream
Out like a kettle
And I felt for once
In such a while
The pain begin to *****
Down my spine,
Up my neck
And into my fingertips
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