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Katrina Wendt Nov 2013

I can lay
right next to you
and never touch you

I can see you smile
from across the room
without kissing you

I can watch you
leave the room
and resist hugging you goodbye

But sometimes
when I'm next to you
you have to ask me to move away

Because for a few minutes
I let fantasy get confused with reality
and I lean against you during a movie

And it's so warm
your arm and mine, touching
for that minute I'm at peace

But when you ask
of course I make room
Because I don't want you to feel uncomfortable

And if you weren't my friend
I would probably try it
just once, to know what it would be like to kiss you

But ideally,
I'll get over this
and when I am, we'll still be friends

So in the meantime
I try not to think about kissing you
and I only hug you when I have reason to

What I'm saying is
I will do what I can
to keep myself sane and our friendship intact

But just know
that with every look I give
I wish I could give so much more.

sweet ridicule Aug 2015

kiss me with mango sherbet
in your mouth and sticky
orange tinted lips
these car tires are growing old
but I am young with three
dimples on my face
callouses on my fingertips
of my left hand
stop with the
'you're scared'
in which century does
refusal amount to fear
liberation by the pen drawings
on my hand consumes me
individuality is not dead I
am here
with fiery intent occasionally lost in
a girly figure with a small
waist and awkward ankles
don't dance alone dance a soliloquy
like the bruise on my neck

(labors of love are not
merely towards humans)

good night
iznolan  Jun 2014
iznolan Jun 2014

move on
is not easy
but trust me
you can go through it
because everything
happens for a reason
a reason to make you braver
to see the future.

Shania Marie  Aug 2014
Shania Marie Aug 2014

I'd say I tried.
But then I'd be lying.

Sometimes I'm good.
Sometimes I'm bad.

It depends on how much energy.
I'd want to spend.

To try.
To not try.
To screw up.

And to not screw up.

felicia  Mar 2014
felicia Mar 2014

You were the sun ray
Trying to get to my window
Through the branches of willow tree in my backyard

Matthew Harlovic Nov 2014

You only fail if you fail to try
Keep trying.

© Matthew Harlovic

Deth  Oct 2014
I Try
Deth Oct 2014

I try to smile
They say I'm sly

I try to move on
They make me go alone

I try to give up
They can't see why

I want to be fine
But they hold the bind


They've never been on my side
I was naive
I was blind
I should've realized

They are killing me slowly
The world is judging me surely

I try to live
I really do
I'm trying to hold my life
So please
Please drop the knife

Clindballe  Jul 2014
Try (10w)
Clindballe Jul 2014

Don't be shy
just try
or you'll never get by

Written: July 18. - 2014
17th  Aug 2014
17th Aug 2014

try to spend some time with others
try to act natural
try not to do anything stupid
try to be normal
try to not to do that
try to be yourself
try to smile
try not to feel bad
try to be less depressed
try to laugh at someone's jokes
try not to hide secrets
try to stop writing cheap poems in napkins
try to get over it

Never try to trick me with a kiss
Pretending that the birds are here to stay;
The dying man will scoff and scorn at this.

A stone can masquerade where no heart is
And virgins rise where lustful Venus lay:
Never try to trick me with a kiss.

Our noble doctor claims the pain is his,
While stricken patients let him have his say;
The dying man will scoff and scorn at this.

Each virile bachelor dreads paralysis,
The old maid in the gable cries all day:
Never try to trick me with a kiss.

The suave eternal serpents promise bliss
To mortal children longing to be gay;
The dying man will scoff and scorn at this.

Sooner or later something goes amiss;
The singing birds pack up and fly away;
So never try to trick me with a kiss:
The dying man will scoff and scorn at this.

Jack Thompson Mar 2015

You've become my light.
Hopes and future in sight.
You want me and I want you back.
Don't be so easily diluted.

You want want want.
So hard I've tried tried tried.
If its me you really want.
Understand I cease to be me.
If I'm yours stringent and exclusive.
In a vacuum don't suffocate me.
Let me breathe let us thrive.

I am a whole person outside of your clutch.
Its who you fell in love with.
Don't change me. Don't leave me.
All because I need to be me.

© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Ashley Somebody  Aug 2014
Ashley Somebody Aug 2014

What keeps you from your life
is that you don't know what it is:
You have no words for its delights,
its triumphs,
nor its disappointments,
and the occasional death you live through.
Your words, the language you speak,
have not the vocabulary you seek;
Your life, the days that you live,
Pass you by, too fast to forgive.
Life is too complicated to put
into the frail words we call English.

But that's never stopped anyone from trying.

-Ben-  Feb 2015
smile for a trial
-Ben- Feb 2015

oh dear,
i have to say:
don't look like digging a grave
smile a while for a trial
or if you want to be safe
for the whole day

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