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Dawn of Lighten Jun 2015
The church field trip led to the most beautiful presence,
The elegance protrude by the sweet scent.

I dared not moved so hastily,
I dared not the red!

Glanced by the peripheral eye lids,
The red beckoned the thumping beats within my chest!

A visual decor permeates from the illuminating of the perfect circle,
And my inner most demon want to ravage it!

I wanted to devour every essense of the crescent,
Becoming one with red.

I slightly move forward so no eyes may pry onto my movement,
Like an orchestra moved to one trumpet to a violin scurry along.

Finally came side by side of the precious glimmer of the curves,
And moved my hand to palm the red's grace on the tilt of it's end.

I open wide to cusp my mouth to bite deep into it's brilliance,
In my teeth feeling the liquid and crunchy of it's body!

Sour taste of salt expand a vigor of darkness cover my mouth,
I look at the apple's plate beneath me read " Ida Red!"

Water upon my eyes,
No longer can chew any further,
I simply shallowed the chunk in my throat!  

"Your elegance beckon me red, but in the end, you have seduced me to bitterness!"

I dared, Idared, ida red!
Just remembering my youth church field trip to apple orchard, and learning that not all beautiful looking apples are not all that beautiful inside!  Never judge by what I see, and the experience that will never elude me!
Cookieman Jun 2015
I think I've seen beauty, hoping that it's not a facade for trickery
Trying to attract what comes near from shocks of admiration, electricity

But that seems unlikely, for a beauty as that one to conspire such a conspiracy
For eyes give true character, as that is of truth and loyalty

As without speech, sometimes knowledge is hard to be known
But actions speak louder than words, the vagueness of the first statement clearly shown

That a glimpse of an eye, can see but to a mere moment
But the study of an action, can see the truth bestowed in it
Duzy May 2015
HOPE! You lousy vagrant, you've lead me on once more
You've tricked me into getting up from my home here, on the floor

They say when you've hit rock bottom the only way is to ascend
But I was proving moving side to side was a viable uptrend

'Til hope descended like an angel, said "take my hand sweet child"
Her promises of palatial glory leave me potent and beguiled

But hark! What's this? A serpents hiss? He's tangled round my feet
I dared to hope now I'm back on the ***** to rejection and defeat

I was cosy at the bottom. In my undercroft I've lain
But by the streaks on my cheeks and the fire in my lungs
I hope I'll never hope again.
Josiah Wilson Dec 2014
A man with many faces
Is a man with the cleverest lies
He knows how to hide his secrets
And keep them from prying eyes

A man with many masks
Is a man with a practiced smile
He knows how to end his foes
And act their friend all the while

A man with many ears
Is a man who won't be surprised
He knows what his enemies plan
And he acts out the perfect reprise

A man with many faces
Is a man who will live long and well
But ask yourself this, my friend
Will he live in heaven or hell?
The Wordsmith Oct 2014
I turn to my left, I turn to my right,
I have no ammo left, no more strength to fight,
I see their faces, unmasked pits of disgust,
How long till I die, how long will I last,
It's all a mistake, one huge misunderstanding,
A crime forbidden, by an impatience outstanding,
I see it all lost, passing away,
Gone from my reach, hidden within the fray,
I turn to face, my dying past,
Thinking that each breath, could be my last,
But this cannot, will not be, my last declaration,
When all along this could be, just a game of misdirection.
firexscape Sep 2014
Don't you know some things are too good to be true?
I knew, and I still fell for your lies.
You made me wonder
Whether my eyes were broken
Because if you saw me so lovely
Maybe the world saw me from a different point of view too?
At first I knew you were doing this
Trust me, I could see.
But your sweet words of emptiness blinded me.
Maybe it's because you made me feel
Like blood pumped through my veins
Without having to check.
Surprise, I didn't matter
I came crashing back to reality
But at least all this time wasn't wasted,
You've made me realize
Nothing broken is lovely, not me..
Unreal Society Jul 2014
I speak to you during the day, you listen but you remain silent. At night I hear a familiar voice, his shift begins when I close my eyelids.

Sometimes in my dreams i see these bright flashes that illuminate, what appears to me to be the sky. But the lightning strikes are a disguise, my subconscious creates to fool my eyes. The action of my neurons firing, are mistaken by my mind as lightning.

I watch the sky in disbelief, for the light show seen is so inspiring. I'm captivated by my thoughts, as they travel along my neural wiring.

My subconscious works overtime to keep me from discovering its deception. But this false reality my subconscious made, is a needed form of protection.

As I dream my mind and body get the rest that's truly needed. So I can recuperate the energy, that the previous day has depleted.

My subconscious is a narrator,  that explains my life without subtitles. Threw my dreams on this screen, plays a movie that I'm forced to watch. So truly when do I get sleep, when I'm in my dreams, and I'm deep in thought.
Poem by:KLoyal Est:07-2014
Pamela Haddad Jul 2014
Walking slowly in the dead of night, hoping to get away
From the troubles I have in sight, wanting them not to stay
Disguised with darkness I tread upon this street so gloomy and grey
People I see there is none, oh what an eerie day
Continued my trip in the darkness, moving away from light
No chaos there just calmness, no need for proper fight
Weirdness present all over, not a soul perceived
Life has reached a closure, this is what I believed
White coats moved towards me in a multitude of sizes
No humans yet I see, a hand from underneath rises
"I think she's better and can leave this prison of hell"
They didn't know that I weaved lies to seem so well
Running out of confinement, they realized their mistake
Failing their assignment, allowing me their lives to take
cr May 2014
i will tell you this: the devil
is inscribed in the details. when you
haven’t spoken to someone
in months, it’s like greeting
a stranger anew; they are not
who they were five months ago,
or six, or seven. they are a
collection of newfound

cells and new skin and new ideas; they
are not the brilliance you once
observed at 3 am when they
were crying out their reddened eyes
over the fact you did not
love them like you used to. even
if they find some new person kissing
their wounds in a failed attempt
at intimacy, they may still latch
onto your once-love as a blood-*******

leech. the god of trickery and emotional
manipulation is named “my ex-
boyfriend” and i don’t think i like him
very much. “are you missing me” he
sighs to me over the phone, and i
cannot reply. if i whispered “yes”,
he’d grab my wrist and pull me into
his side again; if i whispered “no”,
i’d observe it devour him alive and
bring him into the warmth of a
broken heart.
13 May 2014
Ah deceit, you wicked *******
creeping up uninvited, as always
no one sees you coming
none will know when you’re gone
your delicious lies stay but for an instant
and here still, you find a cue
to salt the exposed wounds.

You were never missed
your many forms, vibrant faces
the infamy and calumny
stories unchecked and forgotten
buried under the moniker of bygones.
Yet the scars remain,
deep cuts betrayal, but never fills.

The entrusted deceiver
your snake in the grass
silence is deadlier than a sharp tongue
this venom cannot drown a writhing heart
hope, kindling another tragedy
the reasons are always above par
emotions run amuck behind bars.

The tongue blackens every time
you sever the threads which bind loyalty
leaving the void to **** away the remains
into a crushing dark abyss
the face carries a smile that never fades
the heart has long since withered to naught
now, it cheats itself to bitter death.
Posted on November 23, 2013
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