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Feliz G Aug 2020
She wrote about other people, yes,
but she never wrote for anyone else but her.
She felt alone, I must admit,
but I refuse to take responsibility.

She's on her own.
She may be me, but her problems aren't mine.
  Sep 2017 Feliz G
Self love is important
because it is impossible
to love someone else when
you can't even love yourself
so take a step back, and
look at yourself
and love yourself
because in the end you're all
you really have
Feliz G Sep 2017
I'll save you from your fears.
I'll save you from your tears.
I'll save you from your troubles,
But can I ask you to save me?
I love you Chelsea, I hope you know that.
Feliz G Sep 2017
I'm tired of the same story.
I've tried to talk,
I've tried to convince,
I've tried show them they're wrong.

They won't listen.
Feliz G Sep 2017
Your song,

Can you hear it?

Your eyes,

A sparkle.

The melody of a twinkling star.

Your smile,

A shine.

The lyric of a moonlit river.

Your hair,

A softness.

The whisper in the wind.

Your song,

Can you hear it?
Oh Chelsea, dear Chelsea, will I be able to make you mine? A rebirth of a heartbreak, is what this is.
Feliz G Jun 2017
It's worse than I imagined.
Much worse that what I thought of it before.
But you've changed. It's too late.
I've lost everything thing I could ask for.
Chloie, why? I never even questioned you. So why are you questioning me?
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