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I wanted to
Call your name
So that nobody
Would have
To live without  
Those holy
I never wanted
To speak again
So that no voice
Would linger
But yours
And in my heart
When I’d pray
With your voice
God would bless you
I grew hungry
but my lips
could not bear
to touch a thing
these figs
on your land
these juices
that do
not belong
that wish to
wash away
your kisses
this breath
that passes
between valleys
to carry
your scent
the pollen
of this land
exhale, breathe
your breath
is myrrh
your eyes
sufi's wine
pour me a glass
I am whirling
to your drum
thum thum thak
my lips want
to dance
Let the quiet come
When did your form
cease to fill this room
the still air breaks
silence where
your breath once warmed
these walls
How broad this world
has become
how shapeless
aimed at nothing,
this quiver of dreams
a compass, cracked
point back at me
pooled in stagnant fear
and shame
Where does
this road lead
without your guidance
How can I see
over this wall
when it is built
of my own being?
To stand, to look away
from my own vision
to recognize
the difference
between a
and a warning
In those bonds
of reason
is it where
your voice is hiding?
Call me back
turn me away
from this poison
Sharpen your blade
Turn my face East
A lamb in your hands
Bless me, curse me
Give me your poetry

Your gait speaks
The way rain dances
For wet and trembling
virile soil, speaks in
whispers to my
fertile soul
A hunger and a
Milk and honey storm

Your essence is like perfume
And my soul wears it
Like a ****** wears virtue
Intoxicated by
The mere scent of knowing you
My spirit moves to it, madly, taken
Writes love songs
On holy walls
your essence is like perfume
It lingers and fades
Sat by the riverbank
Laughed like cold water
Brought to me, the ocean

Where the current runs
behind, beneath
The undertow
Of his eyes
drowning Me

Left the scent of good-
Bye Before he’d
As the scent of autumn
Promises winter
And barren, silent trees

My oars
set to the waves
To the phantom of
My sea
The wreck was me
Picking up every shell
for the sound
Of your feet
the waves
in your eyes
Returning for me
I wait with the moon
For your tides
Hazel is the color
Of the setting
Of my dreams
As they drifted away
In your

And I
Knew better
And you
Spoke plainly
And I
Heard nothing
Of the truth
That you
Gave me
But your voice-
It’s remaining
And your eyes
Are engraving
Their colors
on my canvas heart
like your initials
in my ****** bark
That leaves a wound
to die or scar
beneath its message
Here, my trees, my spring
Here, new life begins

Here, the trees croak and moan as they make love to the wind

Here, blossoms quiver and send perfume to a distant lover

And beasts, overjoyed by their burden
Fear not shame, seek no shelter

He moves me too, tree dancer
Here, wood whisperer tell me the secrets

That you bend to
Lay down your pen, love
I am wanting for your ear
Commend your mind to me
My love, do lend what you can spare

I've a little worry of
The time we spend too near
With loss of veils between our hearts-
Left to the open air

Wrench away my wanting, pray
You give me back my stead
'Fore I've lost more than daydreams
In the changing of a bed
I put on earrings today
the ones with the bronze suns
I woke to a blue sky
in winter

Lipstick on my lips
for the first time in 6 years
I laughed at my old fool

Sighs and forlorn stares
had long graced my view glass
now a clean canvas
before me

Most tentative, the first stroke
such a daunting liberty
my pallet still holds
all the colors

Could one forget how
to see in the mind’s eye
the shapeshifting forms
of the spirit
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