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Ylzm Apr 2019
Small nations? Who cares!
Unless you're Israel. Who else?

Why spy and steal
Just slam the steel
Gift in hand, suggests
Your daughter - or son - or else?

Small nations
petty thieves
spy, steal from
small nations.

Big Boys see and laugh
All of mine is yours
If you worship us
You'll be one of us.

But Big Boy wannabe
China, will never be;
Splurged fake money by the ton
But none worships Dragon's son.
Persephone Sep 2018
It will protect you from my demons and me from my dreams.
It grasps at hollow beauty and piercing lustful eyes.
It guards me from the outside through wire disfiguration
And laughs at their ohh so horrid haunting humor.
It stabs through my back the ones who want me closer
And chants a hundred times for sleepless nights and seventy two nightmare perfections.
But you see this is all just for me
So no one can steal the light that threatens to turn itself free
The one that is dimming through my very own thievery
For when I put on the mask
It stops me from being me.
We all have one
cassiopeia miel Nov 2015
You're searching for even the slightest validation for your inexcusable actions, transient in both values and the physical realm, collecting conquests and usurpees like how one might collect trophies from animals they hunt, faces frozen in a false expression with unseeing glassy eyes as they are forever immortalised in your sick collection to be made a mockery of long after the passage of time takes it's toll on both the images and the subjects.
A calculated maliciousness disguised as an indecisive personality, you are a bottom-feeder grafting onto the bellies of whomever are blissfully unaware or trusting enough to swim by you; but your own is yellow as a summer's day is long; not from just cowardliness, no, but from **** (sans the vinegar), and I wish I could compose this prose into something a little less hateful and a little more tasteful, but I won't spare you another second of my time, I'll erase you from my mind.
Graff1980 Aug 2015
What a beautiful fiend
That crept upon my sleeping form
To ****** a heart not fully formed

What a vicious tyrant
To take what I was not ready to give
Stealing in cruel dealing my love

With her precious lips
Full red and ready for a kiss
With her fulsome chests
And her eyes afire with an emerald quality

What a mean sprite to slip through the night
Making me desirous of her touch
Making me long to hear her musical voice

Hair afire long and exploding free
For my pleasure and mine alone to see
What a gift she chose to give to me

For when with nimble fingers
She did deftly burglar my heart
This paragon of desire plucked her own
And laid it gently in my sleeping hands
NeroameeAlucard Mar 2015
Equally at home in the streets and just as gifted in a suit with a delicately done press.
the smooth operator Is one of the most dangerous creatures we've yet encountered
They're found everywhere, coast to coast, from NY To Chicago, also spotted up north in Canada and down south in Key Largo.

The smooth operator is equipped for any encounter with eyes that pierce deep into the soul and can approach anybody with a confidence level unrivalled by none but their own kind.
There is only one, Nay Two known deterrents of the smooth operator, either a pathetic Roger Rabbit like nerd, or a spilled drink.

careful out there ladies. it's a jungle.
Just giving a little advice
Ormond Nov 2014
Raven knows a charm,
A child's costume jewelry,
  .  .  .  Colours a black eye.
Loki, from Scandivavian myth, a mischievous and sometimes evil God.
Jeopardised Jane Jul 2014
We are both sinners;
you have stolen from me
lost my tool for survival
i became a con-artist
lying with multiple identities
i am alive and well
i killed myself.

you'll bear
the responsibility of making me
this sinner.
up to open interpretation.. thievery and disassociative identity disorder..

— The End —