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JR Dec 2023
Those who write for love
Have felt pain
The road was rough
And they'll never be the same
They write metaphors
Comparing their love to a bird

But I am where they were before
Trapped by ghosts
Comparing my sorrows to outer space
Deep and expanding

I am not writing for love
I am writing for those
Who are trapped by ghosts
From a past that's hard to escape
Did u miss me?
JR Jan 2023
If you can’t feel anything
You’ll never hurt
If you go on a trip
You don’t have to come back
I know I speak nonsense
Improbable things
Make your meals
Eat your money
Then repeat
Until the ending
They say go to bed on time
Because time is not my own
I have no control
One tear resting
On my piano alone
What if I died?
Who really cares?
These questions
Whispered at night
It’s me who does this
I’m self aware
What is poetic?
This is not what this was supposed to be
These are midnight thoughts
Thanks for listening?

Missed you all
It’s been a minute
Life moved on
I came back
Because I missed u in it
JR Nov 2021
I think a lonely night is made by you
Leave my high and dry
No consequence finds you
A whirlwind of questions
Why put my love in one place?
Where’s my green light to go?
Can’t you hold on to what’s enough?
Leave tonight or leave forever
Pick a fight or work together
My lover is not kind
And I refuse to be clever

This is a poem for those tortured by love.
JR Oct 2021
I am a possessive creature
I am held together by passion
Fear me when I am mad
Love me when I am motivated
I am a jealous creature
I will love you to the moon and back
Break me and I will be vengeful
Kiss me but touch no other
Not one stroke
Not one glance
I want my name tattooed on your heart
Because yours is burned in my brain
I am a possessive creature but so are you

I don't know. I just started writing and then this came out. When I was writing, I was inspired by the show You. Enjoy it and think what you must.
JR Oct 2021
Oh mirror
I believe you were made to taunt me
Few see beauty and peace
Most see something they can never be
Wanting is a burden
Having is a crime
What do I say to that?
Just give me some time
Paralyzed I stare
Oh mirrored me
Talk to me sweetly
Tell me
"wear and tear is normal
just confide in those who cry deeply"
I sigh alone fractured by despair
I walk outside
and I see mirrors everywhere

I still love it here! Treat yourself like you treat others. Unless you're mean. If so, work on that! :)
JR Jul 2021
I only know how to walk with tears
To learn something else is my biggest fear
The slamming of doors is all I hear
Stories of heroes but none come here
Will anyone care when I can’t breathe air
Or will they stare and watch as the end is near
I only know how to walk with tears
Because life is maze made of fear

JR Jun 2021
Control me
With my emotions
Control me
With my dreams
Control me
Because you can
Control me
And cause me to bleed

My life is not my own
Because you sit on the throne
But once you turn around
My strength will be so keen
You’ll want to take back
The times you controlled me

Control me
And watch as I succeed
Of making you think
That you once controlled me

I don’t know what really inspired this. If I have to find the root to this poem, it would be that I hate when someone just wants to control you because they think they have a right to. They play with your emotions and hurt you. But then when you realize the hold they have on you, you come out stronger than ever. And that’s the best control you’ll ever have. To have control over your strength. Is the best thing one can do.
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