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Austine Oct 2013
There was once this boy
Who treated me like Helen of Troy
To my euphoria, he was the ground
To his kingdom, I was crowned

From the shadows that abducted me
He fought and snared the key
Chased me, he did
So I could finally be freed

On his white horse, I rode
My hands, to him I bestowed
For I knew his love wasn’t feigned
And for he’s the one who got me unchained

Forth we escaped
As my heart got reshaped
Into something beautiful and steady
Hence he could hold it dearly

Shortly, the darkness penetrated
The castle our love had made
And with his arms as my shield
I was utterly concelead

The attack never ceased
And I watched as my bliss
Slowly withered with every hit
But even with the utmost, he didn’t quit

He said, “If love isn’t enough
to keep you away from the cuff,
then darling, I’d be again the key
that would always unleash thee.”

And with his last gusted breath,
Before he surrendered to Death
He rested his lips on mine
And made our last kiss benign
Austine Oct 2013
your eyes once were the shade of blue
the way the sky looks
before the sun gives way to the moon

but they are black as midnight now
the starless sky, pitch-dark
oh, what did i do?
did i cause this to you?

your wings, broad and strong
flew me to paradise and back
and to everywhere my feet can’t take me

but you’re featherless now
flightless and short of harbor
oh, fly, please, fly again
feel the wind and fly back to me once more
but i’m still broken, darling,
i don’t deserve your loving
The least thing I wanna do is break you.
Austine Oct 2013
wipe that smile in reverse off of your face
i am nothing if it weren’t for your stunning rays
forget the lonesomeness, forget, forget
your heart has long been out of the net

smile for me now, darling, please
reward me with your one sweet kiss
have me flying high above the cloud
for it is you who finally have me found

the seas - all of them, in fact - whisper your name
and i see your right hand which i should lay claim
as the skies cry with me tonight
cry joyful tears for i have won the fight

the battle against the chaos who used to be me
vanquished when the light set me free
and my light is you, yes, it’s true
the only answer my heart knows now is you
Austine Oct 2013
Losing control
As on my knees I fall
I used to stand so tall
But with you, I crawl
Troubled thoughts
I feel at a loss
Didn’t my words come across
or did you have them all tossed?
Fractured and frozen
For I believed I was chosen
Over everything that was golden
But now, I’m left broken
My cherished moment
My stolen enjoyment
My love with no current
My heart with a dent
Austine Oct 2013
is this as far as we can go?
are the lodging feelings to sink six feet below?
in the thick of the stars that glow
along the tracks of the train that goes slow
i seek for answers to flow
will the scintillation from long ago
wind up just another dumb show?
or will we be able to bestow
each other with a lasting beau?

how can i ever be
the keeper of the most precious key
to a heart that’s shattered in three?
separated by an outstretched sea
will you ever hear me as i plea
for on your hands you hold my glee?
will you finally come free me
and lead me to a love with no fee?

why can’t i seem to tell
that i’m under an agonizing spell?
unrequited love comes really close to a cell
where only anguish and misery dwell
however way i want to quell
this love that puts me in hell
it will never change the fact that i fell
and you broke into my own shell

am i still going to fight
and hold on tight
even with my missing knight?
my will tells me to further re-ignite
so i could keep the subsequent bright
but will i still find the only light
that will help me see through the night?
Austine May 2014
isn’t it sad
how you once were
my past,
how i have always
wanted you to
be my future,
and how there
always seems to
be no present
for us?
Austine May 2014
whenever our eyes meet
there are sparks that make me believe
we can go anywhere, we can go far
we can soar high and create our own star

there’s nothing i wouldn’t give
to have you close to me and relive
all the days of euphoria and paradise
the life with nothing but your spice

with every single thing i’ve done wrong,
you’re the only one that makes everything right
maybe it’s time to say so long
maybe it’s time to end the fight
I'll give up forever to have today with you.
Austine May 2014
the rain drops never made it
to the ground
for you caught them
with your palms held upward
and your mouth open wide
just in time
before they turn into

the petals of your favorite daisy
never reached the soil
for you kept them in between
the pages of your books
until there, they withered

the balloon you bought
remained in between your hands
as you adored its color
and the way the sun gave it
a different shade
and your eyes followed it enrapturedly
all the way up in the air
as you let it go

the smoke you blew from
your perfectly pursed lips
remained aloft
as you finished
one stick
one pack
two lungs

the heart i once had
stayed wondering why
it was the only one
that fell all the way down
while everything else
you held
stayed up and far
from the ground
where my heart
found no refuge
Austine May 2014
I am jealous
of the sun
for its rays
always give you
hope for a new day.

Of the moon
that gets to
greet you good night
and wish you
sweet dreams.

Of the water
that touches
your face,
your arms,
your body,
and every part of you
that my hands
can’t get a hold of

Of the heart
that beats life for you
for my heart
does the same too.
Austine May 2014
be her ribs -
the refuge
of her busy, tiny heart
capture and enclose it
like it’s yours
own it, keep it, cage it,
save it from knives
that intent to
make it bleed
the life out of her
surround her lungs
because she needs them
to breathe you in
to devour your scent
to sponge herself up
with the air that you exhale
through her lips
as you two kiss
and be her ribs
for when a length
of you fractures
even the tiny fragment
will bring her pain
be her guard
against any harm
be her ribs -
her outline
her vault
her kingdom
be her ribs
You already are.
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