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WhiteWolf101 Nov 2020
I still feel your presence
although barley an essence
and one day I'll forget
will be the day I regret
and you will simply be
WhiteWolf101 Nov 2020
He came back
And said to me
“Would you wanna try again?”
But I have her
Even after the heartbreak
Even after the heartache
I still love him
So I’m stuck in the middle
For him
Or for her
Who should I fight for?
WhiteWolf101 Mar 2020
I drew a pretty picture
on the skin like paper
it is what it is
  Feb 2020 WhiteWolf101
Ryan Joseph
Back then as a child,
I was still scared of scary stuff such as ghosts or dead spirits.

But right now,
I am kind of scared to humans already-
which I may end up dying because of them.
Sorry, I am kind of confused to put a title so I decided this one...
WhiteWolf101 Nov 2019
what is life
when love is like a knife
it can be so beautiful
but hurts more when it's dull
  Sep 2019 WhiteWolf101
Erian Rose
the voices change
but my love
beats the same
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