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letters to basil Apr 2021
dear basil,

you don't have to be in pain
to talk to me </3

i want to hear about your
good days

heyyy, i've missed u guys <3 i hope ur all doing well. make sure to tell the person in the mirror how amazing they are; cuz otherwise they won't know :))
drink water.

SquidInk Nov 2020
please make it stop
please go back to how you were
please stop making excuses
please stop hurting me
please listen to what i have to say
please start to care
please think of how i feel
please think about the consequences
please just genuinely apologize
please stop yelling
please just listen
i need you to listen
i need you to do something other than change the subject
i need you to be quiet and let me speak
i need you to tell me why
why you're doing this
its all i ask of you
SquidInk Nov 2020
What you said:
What you wanted to say:
im in pain
i want a hug
im mad
im sad
im dissapointed
i miss him
im hurting
im crying
i want to cry
im not eating much anymore
im upset
i dont care
i don't know how to feel

i know that you dont know how to express your feelings, and i understand
you say "LOL" or "hahaha" when absolutely nothing is funny
you say it when you're hurting the most
but why does it help you cope
to say the opposite of what you're feeling
indirect interpretation
Apro Jan 2019
Why do I do this to myself? Why do me and everyone around me love people that treat them horribly? And when we get hurt, why do we act like we didn’t know was going to happen? I just want to be happy. Is that too much to ask for? It’s all I want. But I know I’ll never be. What shout I do?
I feel like I'm running in circles screaming my head off but no one is listing or even willing to help. I need someone to talk to.
2 a.m. and I don't  understand
can I help you go to sleep?
can I show you how to dream?
your body's full of thoughts but I'll fill your thoughts with me

just tell me something like you've known me forever
because I've never been good at the getting to know you part

tell me something that'll make me remember
because I just can't seem to forget

tell me something that'll make you feel better
because I've never been good at showing I'm there

tell me something like you know it all
because I really believe that you do

talk to me like you waited all day
touch me like you care
hug me like you need some relief
I'll hold you 'til you're calm

you can run through the field 'til your legs fall off
and I'll be your scream into a pillow

you can be the lost kid, hidden in the darkness
and I'll be the darkness that took you

fix me like I'm the drink to soothe you
that way you'll take me in

see I'm pretty broken
and yeah I broke you too
but if we can glue our halves together
the light might just show through

now, sleep
show me the way to dream
Jamie Rose Sep 2017
"I am worried about you"
      "Don't be I'm fine I promise"
"Please just talk to me"
      "I'll text you tomorrow"
"Okay.. I love you"
     "I love you more"
That was the last conversation I had with my best friend before he attempted suicide. He lives across the country and is currently getting help in a mental hospital. If you're thinking about suicide, please stop. Someone cares about you, I promise.
Let's have some great
I want to grab
your attention
I want to feel
your inflections
As you feel my

I want to make love
to your mind
I want to tempt
your intellect
I want to caress your
cognizance, and
slide down into your

Just let me taste
your ambition
You know I ache for
your divinity
I want to shake your
Until your
Essence breaks free
Julia Mae May 2016
it's the words that are not said
that truly hurt the most
the words you want, you need
to hear
yet won't fall from poison lips
give me silence
and i already know the rest
Cat Fiske Feb 2016
Talk to me,
That's what you said,
every time something was wrong, you tried to get inside my head,

Talk to me,
You asked me to trust,
and when I opened up to you, I got crushed,

Talk to me,
I have no memories of our last day,
I need you, for one simple thing, then I can go away,

Talk to me,
Please don't hide from me in plain sight,
you told me I could talk to you, and now you left me still in this fright,

Talk to me,
Sweetie I am scared,
I don't know what I said or have done, my mind is unprepared,

Talk to me,
The things I fear I said compared,
to what's leaving my mind racing, retracing, rewinding these impairments,

Talk to me,
Things have happened,
I never could have imagined,

Talk to me,
like you promised,
please keep your word, just be honest,

Talk to me,
Because I need you to,
talk to me because I need you, and for you, to tell me, the truth.

Talk to me,
Talk to me please :c I can't remember what happened, I just want to know, I have been  living in so much fear, just please if you cared you would of.
Tee Murray Jul 2014
My most recent lover, she's a character. Some days I love her enough, other days it just doesn't cut it.
I need you to show me, she says.
Convince me, she pleads.
I blink and I feel the confusion cross my face.
Don't I caress you?
Don't I adore you with my eyes?
Don't I smile at you in hopes that you're just as happy to see me?
Don't I wish that we could spend the day talking and laughing, till the sun finishes it's daily visit?
Till the moon darts through the clouds and seeps through my window?
Don't I write you poems?
Lyrics from my heart that explain my confusion?  
Don't I text you just so I can feel my phone vibrate in response?  
Don't I ignore the world when we talk?
What more can I say or do?
Convince me, she says.
Sometime, when I'm with her, I feel like she doesn't believe me. And it hurts my heart. Maybe she doesn't see my affection? Or perhaps she's too hurt by others to see or recognize it...
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